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We offer professional services and advice to the Tampere Region companies eg. in financial planning and funding related questions. Read more about our services and contact us!

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Services for those pursuing startup entrepreneurship

Check out what Business Tampere has to offer for the entrepreneur-minded in the brainstorming phase and pursuing a startup business.

Tax and permits

Sustainable business sprouts in well handeled tax and permit matters. However, they are not always that simple, and hence we gathered a list of organisation who offer tax advisory or grant permits.

Relocation, premises and lots

Consider to relocate your business to Tampere region. Finding a good site or premises and getting in contact with possible partners, we've made it all easy for you!

Employer services

There are several things to consider when recruiting and hiring in Finland but there's also help available. See who to contact when employing.

Education and training

Entrepreneur with a small business will benefit from short courses that, for example, show how to utilise free tools on the internet. Bigger company will find a vast variety of trainings to increase the level of professional know-how, as well as, work methods.


Sharing information is part of modern business culture. Benefit from the experience and expertise of a mentor or join an entrepreneurship network for peer support and practical information.

Product, service and process development

More functional product, more efficient process and better service lead to more profitable business. Cooperate with traditional development partners like education and research organizations or take a look at what the innovation platforms in the Tampere Region have to offer.

Change-of-ownership and cessation

Services in the Tampere Region for situations like change-of-ownership of a company, cessation or shutting down a business or even bankruptcy.

Service providers

Several parties provide services to smoothen your path as an entrepreneur. We've listed them for you.
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