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    Sparring can help you with e.g. developing ideas or changing your mode of operation. Business Tampere offers support and help when your company is building networks with other companies.

    Sharing information is a prominent element of today's corporate culture. Sparring can help you with e.g. developing ideas or changing your mode of operation. Mentoring, in the other hand, supports your company when you face challenges in business.

    Guidance and tools for networking

    Business Tampere offers support and help when your company is building networks with other companies. Our experts give you guidance and tools for networking. We aim to boost the creation of diverse business ecosystems.

    Let’s make your dreams come true and set concrete goals to support the growth of your business!

    Growth sparring for companies of the region is offered by Senior Business Advisor Tapio Siik from Business Tampere.

    Book your time for growth sparring here ›› 

    You may receive sparring for any issue related to growth. If you wish so, conversation may as well deal with funding issues, but sparring doesn't have to be focused on funding point of view. For questions related straight to funding, you may receive help from Business Tampere help desk or funding clinic.

    You can also find services for building community networks, mentoring, and advisory in Tampere region below:

    A business mentor provides a new perspective on your company’s operations. Pirkanmaa Business Mentors supplies persons with extensive careers as discussion partners for your company and helps you find the expert mentor who meets the needs of your company the best.

    The service is provided in Finnish and English.

    Smooth and professional board work is the mark of a competitive business. Board Partners Tampere (in Finnish)supplies mentors who have completed the HHJ training (approved member of the board) for company boards.

    Growth companies can participate in the annual Kasvu Open sparring competition, in which companies can test their ideas and accelerate their growth together with the best experts in their specific fields.

    Boardio is a meeting place for companies and business advisors. Using their service businesses, operative or in the founding stage, can seek advisors and board members to help business to grow and develop.

    Young entrepreneurs find mentors for the start of their business operations in HUBS mentor network of Tampere Universities.

    Apprenticeship entrepreneur students can find mentors in the Good Deal Mentor Bank.

    To support the growth of startup companies, in Startup Mentoring Corner startup experts are sharing their views and mentor selected startups.

    Mentoring Corners are organized a few times in year, please follow actively our event calendar.

    The service is provided in English.

    Mix & Match (Teamup) networking event is a great place for early stage innovative ideas or startup teams to find a core team member/co-founder or anyone to offer their skills and experience to develop innovative business cases to the next level.

    The events are organized approximately once a month by City of Tampere and Tribe Tampere. Please follow actively our event calendar to find the next one.

    The service is provided in English.


    Most startups fail. It is a fact. One of the most important reasons is the team.

    It’s not easy to find a core team member or co-founder for your new business or idea from your friends circle often. Thus, you should be very open to meet various people in networking events to find the one.

    If you are entrepreneurial minded person and love to be part of a startup but lacking a business idea, then just come and search for something that you would love to be part of.


    Love meeting new people and discovering new opportunities?

    Businesses are run with people and meeting people helps you reach new dimensions, sales targets and so on.

    Well, you’re in right hands because we have a relaxed networking event for people who just love to meet new people.


    Red Brick Accelerator is an incubator program for beginning startups, where teams receive help from experts to develop their business idea, validation and conception, and as well 1-to-1 mentoring.

    The service is provided in English.

    Teams selected to Finnish Game Incubator (in Finnish) gets to learn the basics of running a game studio, pitching and cash flow planning. In the end participants receive mentoring straight from the professionals in gaming industry.

    The service is provided in Finnish and English.

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