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    Business statistics

    The Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report provides companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region.

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    Business Tampere together with the Council of Tampere Region collect and publish regularly the Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report in order to provide companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region.

    The comprehensive data package includes eg. key figures of the companies operating in Tampere region, such as SMEs, start-ups and growth companies; the amount of the regional companies funded by Business Finland (former Finnish Funding Agency of Technology); and the statistics of the unemployment rates, foreign labour force, foreign visitors’ overnight stays, international events, and export destinations.

    Download the latest, spring 2021 report

    Status on December 31, 2020:

    Download pdf (3 Mb)

    Former reports that have been published in English:


    Tampere Region startup survey 2021

    According to the new startup survey made by Business Tampere, the startups have succeeded in surviving the pandemic with fairly small consequences. The amount of young, innovative companies in the Tampere region has also grown compared to previous years.  

    • Tampere Region startup survey is an annually made review on the state of the startup ecosystem.
    • The survey was executed for the fourth time.  
    • The aim of the survey is to find out the amount of startup companies in the Tampere Region, and to collect and analyze current information about the state of the companies. The information was confidentially collected through email, phone or other customer contacts during the spring 2021.  
    • This year’s survey was executed as a commission by the City of Tampere.



    Additional business data sources

    Tampere Region Business Explorer

    The Tampere Region Business Explorer data tool helps companies interested in the region to search and analyse the region's economic and population statistics, for example demographics, labour force, wages, business, and industry data of the Tampere Region. The Tampere Region Business Explorer is an interactive and dynamic online application developed by GIS Planning Inc. and provided by Business Tampere.

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