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    Business statistics

    The Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report provides companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region.

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    EVP Index

    Business Tampere offers users the EVP Index which can be used to compare the livelihood, attractiveness, and retention strength of different areas. The EVP Index is an area comparison produced by MDI with a single summary variable. With interactive Power BI views, one can compare municipalities in the Tampere region to key reference areas and to all municipalities in Finland.

    The EVP Index examines both the livelihood and the attractiveness and retention power of areas simultaneously. The purpose of the index is to provide a comprehensive view of the development situation, livelihood, attractiveness and retention power of a municipality or the Tampere region as a whole in one view. The EVP Index enables us to examine changes occurring in the chosen areas and their effects on the livelihood of these areas.

    The EVP Index consists of two sub-indices: the livelihood index and the attractiveness and retention power index. Ten explanatory and comparable variables have been selected for both indices. Thus, both a sub-index and a composite index have been calculated in the index, where municipalities are indexed based on variable-specific averages on a scale of 0 to 100 points (0=weakest, 100=strongest).

    Variables of the livelihood index:

    • Median income of income recipients
    • Business density
    • Employment rate of 34–44-year-olds (%)
    • Workplace self-sufficiency rate (%)
    • Economic dependency ratio
    • Job change (%) (open sector)
    • Tax funding €/resident
    • Accumulated surplus or deficit €/resident
    • Education level index
    • Morbidity index


    Variables of the attractiveness and retention power index:

    • Population change (%)
    • MDI population forecast (%)
    • Net migration of employed individuals
    • Intensity of internal migrations
    • Completed dwellings
    • Price per square metre of old dwellings (€)
    • Percentage of foreign-background individuals (%)
    • Percentage of students in the population (%)
    • Net migration of 15–34-year-olds
    • Number of summer residents


    Instructions for using Power BI reports:

    Each Power BI embedding contains multiple tabs. You can switch between tabs by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the Power BI report. In some Power BI reports, users can limit the municipalities displayed using menus, such as by province, municipality name, or municipality size. The user can select multiple provinces, municipalities, or municipality sizes by holding down the ctrl key while clicking the selection.


    Regional development EVP Index:

    With the Regional Development EVP Index on Power BI, users can compare all municipalities with each other. The embedding has three tabs that present the regional EVP Index in different ways.



    Rankings and components of municipalities in the Tampere region:

    The first tab contains the annual rankings of municipalities in the Tampere region in relation to total points on the EVP Index. The visualisation illustrates the annual development of the EVP Index for each of the 8 municipalities. The second tab contains the scoring for each of the 8 municipalities for both indices. The visualisation allows for the comparison of the scores of municipalities in the Tampere region with each other.



    Business Tampere together with the Council of Tampere Region collect and publish regularly the Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report in order to provide companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region.

    The comprehensive data package includes eg. key figures of the companies operating in Tampere region, such as SMEs, start-ups and growth companies; the amount of the regional companies funded by Business Finland (former Finnish Funding Agency of Technology); and the statistics of the unemployment rates, foreign labour force, foreign visitors’ overnight stays, international events, and export destinations.

    Download the latest, spring 2021 report

    Status on December 31, 2020:

    Download pdf (3 Mb)

    Former reports that have been published in English:


    Tampere Region startup survey 2021

    According to the new startup survey made by Business Tampere, the startups have succeeded in surviving the pandemic with fairly small consequences. The amount of young, innovative companies in the Tampere region has also grown compared to previous years.  

    • Tampere Region startup survey is an annually made review on the state of the startup ecosystem.
    • The survey was executed for the fourth time.  
    • The aim of the survey is to find out the amount of startup companies in the Tampere Region, and to collect and analyze current information about the state of the companies. The information was confidentially collected through email, phone or other customer contacts during the spring 2021.  
    • This year’s survey was executed as a commission by the City of Tampere.



    Other data services and sources for your use:

    When the Occupational Barometer was upgraded, the name was changed to Labour Force Barometer. The aim of the upgrade was to provide more and better information on the current situation and outlook for the labour market. The Labour Force Barometer focuses on the main outlook and labour needs of areas and sectors.

    Explore the Labour Force Barometer page >>

    Startup and Scaleup Funnel

    Startup and Scaleup Funnel reveals the state of the Tampere city region’s startup ecosystem

    Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date overview of the Tampere region’s startup-based companies. We publish a monthly updated Startup and Scaleup Funnel image that shows the development stages of the region’s startup companies and the overall ecosystem’s status.

    If you notice any corrections to be made regarding a company’s placement in growth stages, a missing company from the image, or a company that is in the wrong category, please inform us with a brief explanation, and we will gladly rectify the situation in the next update of the overview.

    Startup and Scaleup Funnel offers the opportunity to assess the impact of different activities, identify best practices, follow interesting companies, and it also showcases companies that have undergone the HippoMeter analysis, among other things.

    Explore Startup and Scaleup Funnel:  Tampere Startup and Scaleup Funnel, Visual Workspace for Innovation (

    Open data from Tampere region

    Explore Open Data Tampere page:  Tampere Region Infoshare – Open Data Tampere)

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