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    Focus industries and business ecosystems in the Tampere Region

    Intelligent machines and automation, AI and analytics, imaging, and the circular economy and cleantech are the industrial spearheads of the Tampere Region.

    Intelligent machinery and automation, AI and analytics, imaging, the circular economy and cleantech form the strong tip of the technological and industrial spear in the Tampere region. Business Tampere brings companies together and provides business-boosting connections through the business and innovation ecosystems.

    The Tampere region has around a dozen open and active business and innovation ecosystems. Business Tampere, the Tampere region economic development agency, acts as an enabler and facilitator for the ecosystems.

    A form of cooperation, ecosystems bring together regional actors, such as businesses and educational and research institutions, to create something big. When companies and research and other organisations support each other, they gain an advantage and growth in their business. Together, they make Tampere a strong international player and bring prosperity to the entire urban area.

    Our region is particularly well known for its expertise in intelligent machines and automation, AI and analytics, imaging and circular economy.

    Intelligent machines and automation

    The Tampere region is one of the most significant European hubs of manufacturers of mobile machinery, with significant intelligent machinery know-how.

    We have the whole package here, complete with lively research, product development and manufacturing. In addition to the big players, Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities have smaller, specialised companies providing diverse competence and abilities from sensors to data utilisation and intelligent manufacturing.

    A long history in the manufacture of working machinery, application of artificial intelligence in industry and strong software expertise make Tampere an excellent breeding ground for thriving business. Add creative engineering, and the recipe for success is complete. The world-class smart working machinery produced in Tampere is in demand in the export market, with technologies that are also applied in the automotive industry. Supporting the industrial renewal in the region with us are, for example, the following:

    Modern work and process machines utilise automation, digitalisation and solutions based on artificial intelligence to an increasing extent. Machines analyse their environment and communicate with it. Smart appliances are, for example, more energy-efficient, and incorporate materials and components with innovative features. New energy solutions, such as electrification of energy sources, will make the use of machines more efficient and ecological. Another key development theme for mobile working machinery is safety. The safety and security ecosystem operating in the Tampere region brings the actors together.

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    Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    AI and analytics

    Digitalisation is reshaping industrial operations and the skills required from the personnel. In Tampere, we are ready for this. We have state-of-the-art expertise in industrial digitalisation, and our urban area has grown into a hub for industrial AI solutions. Software expertise is particularly strong in the region. Major companies have digitalised their production, providing development opportunities for smaller players.

    AI is a competitive factor that generates entirely new business opportunities. In the manufacturing industry, for example, it has been used to increase production and improve safety at work.

    The Tampere AI ecosystem provides companies with information on the benefits of data collection, analytics and artificial intelligence. We promote business renewal and growth. Our goals include building AI communities, communicating successful cooperation models and increasing the attractiveness of Tampere.

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    Tampere Imaging Ecosystem
    Photo: Nomicam


    A world-leading competence centre in the fields of imaging and camera technologies, Tampere is already number one in Europe. The imaging ecosystem brings together the associated businesses, researchers and students, helping each other succeed. The cooperation has already created hundreds of jobs in the region, with international companies such as AAC Technologies, Axon, Scandit and Xiaomi opening their product development units here. The imaging ecosystem focuses on, among other things, attracting new experts from abroad, supporting research and development in the field and increasing the cooperation within the academia and businesses.

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    Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    Circular economy and cleantech

    Industrial activities of the future will be sustainable and responsible, and we here in Tampere want to be pioneers in reducing the carbon footprint of industry. Digital production helps companies to achieve their responsibility goals by, for example, optimising the use of energy and raw materials.

    Tampere leads the way in smart cleantech technology, and the city region aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. The city is committed to supporting the companies, and alternatives to traditional manufacturing materials and sources of power are being examined in various sectors. The circular economy and cleantech are also creating new climate business – one of the industries of the future being the development of battery technology. Transcending industrial boundaries, the circular economy ecosystem already includes up to 500 actors.

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