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One of the TOP 5 imaging technology clusters in the world

Tampere Imaging Ecosystem

Tampere Imaging Ecosystem is a thriving business ecosystem that stimulates R&D activities of products, services and solutions related to digital imaging. It is a community connecting a variety of actors from large multinational companies to smaller specialists, the key academics and future talents in the field of imaging.

Imaging beyond imagination

Imaging technologies are used widely in applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems, cyber security, mobile communications, digital health solutions, and industrial automation.

Tampere in Finland tops the list of key imaging and mobile technology clusters worldwide. The particularly high imaging excellence derives from the high-class signal processing research and education, and the rich mobile telecommunications competence available in the region due to Nokia heritage.

Diversity builds resilience

The Tampere Imaging Ecosystem attracts companies of all sizes. The members include large multinational companies and smaller specialists. What all companies have in common is that they are innovators in imaging, developing technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) in imaging, deep learning, machine vision, and more.

VIDEO: Tampere is the best place in the world to develop cameras and imaging

“If you want to have the world's best imaging, Tampere in Finland is the place to be”,
says Juha Alakarhu, the Vice President of Imaging at AXON.

Watch the video to learn what the top imaging specialists have to say about the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem and the Tampere city region as a business location.

Tampere Region as a business location

Key academics in the Tampere imaging scene

Tampere Imaging Ecosystem seeks to promote a smooth flow from research labs to real life products and services. The companies involved in the community are partnering with the Tampere University to develop an ecosystem that fosters innovations and collaboration – in order to gain new business.


Tampere university's signal processing education and research attracts talents internationally

Signal Processing Research Center in the Tampere University conducts high impact research in multiple research groups led by award-winning and experienced professors. The research and teaching spans the following three main themes: imaging and computer vision, signal and audio processing and artificial intelligence.

Tampere region is an attractive center of AI know-how

Did you know that there are already over 4500 people working in the field of artificial intelligence in the Tampere Region, and the number is rising fast. Tampere AI ecosystem brings together artificial intelligence expertise and supports regional AI activities. Tampere Imaging ecosystem and AI ecosystem are examples of open business and innovation communities powered by Business Tampere, the regional economic development agency.

Why Tampere

Tampere is the industrial capital of Finland. For more than a hundred years, Tampere has been a location where machines have been built for various applications. Today, the region is thriving through technology. The fields of mobile networks and game technology, for example, have created a new vivid startup scene in Tampere.

Top-grade automotive technology expertise in the Tampere Region

The Tampere Region has top-grade expertise, companies and research on all key technologies needed to develop the future of automotive industry. It is easy to find synergies between the Tampere Automotive Cluster and the imaging ecosystem. No wonder, some of the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem member companies network actively in both communities.

Member companies in the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem

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