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    Top-grade automotive technology expertise in the Tampere Region

    Business Tampere Automotive Cluster meeting, September 2019. Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    The Tampere Automotive Cluster is up and running, bringing together expertise on various automotive-related technologies and boosting local cooperation. Tampere, located some 100 miles from capital Helsinki, is Finland´s third largest city and the second largest growth center. The city region, long known for ICT, intelligent machinery and manufacturing industries, is now geared up to make the automotive future.

    There is an interesting shift in the automotive industry changing the way we understand cars, driving and car ownership. Connected, autonomous, shared and electric are the major trends driving the future of the automotive industry. Many things are changing, plenty of opportunities for new business are opening and Tampere is prepared for that.

    Business Tampere Automotive Cluster, September 2019. Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa
    The Tampere Automotive Cluster networking event in September visualised the time to come: how do things change in life and automotive industry, what will ensue. Sam Livingstone of Car Design Research and Miika Heikkinen of Northern Works facilitated the workshop. Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa.


    – The Tampere Region has top-grade expertise, companies and research on all key technologies needed to develop the future of automotive industry, says Senior Business Advisor Ari Lylynoja of Business Tampere

    These are some of the fields of expertise in the region: vehicle infotainment systems, security critical software, imaging and camera technologies, electronics and sensors, system integrations, application development, ev charging systems, multimodal interaction. There is research on, for example, human-technology interaction and technologies that enable autonomous vehicles.

    The Tampere Automotive Cluster – a fast growing business ecosystem

    Coordinated by Business Tampere, the Tampere Automotive Cluster was established in 2018 to bring together all expertise in the region. It has grown significantly ever since. Some of the cluster members may be competitors, but they all share the will to recognise the strengths and the aim to reach a sufficient critical mass in the region.

    – The Tampere Region is a centre of automotive competence, and together we can make it even more influential, like the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem already is, Lylynoja says

    The Tampere Automotive Cluster members value opportunities for networking, cooperation and joint offering.

    – Diverse competencies, such as understanding user experience, commercialisation or marketing, are needed to create new ideas, innovations and finally products. The cluster answers these needs well, says one of the members, Senior R&D Manager, Imaging Tuomas Punta of ACC Technologies.

    – The Tampere Region should be considered a part of a larger European centre of automotive competence, says another cluster member, VP of Automotive and Smart Devices Business Unit Ari Aalto at Tieto

    Co-operation results in stronger solution offering

    The Tampere Automotive Cluster attends international automotive events and is networking with automotive operators. Locally, the members meet regularly.

    Both Tuomas Punta of  AAC Technologies and Ari Aalto of Tieto joined the meetings for the first time in September, and both speak positively about the experience. Conversations, for example, were many and useful, and some of them have continued after the event.

    – I think it is necessary to stop, talk and think together from time to time, and look at things from a different angle. We want to be proactive: not just wait for the automotive industry to ask for certain solutions but go and create something new for them ourselves, Lylynoja says.

    Find out what Tampere region in Finland has to offer for automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers!
    If you want to get in touch of the Tampere Automotive Cluster companies or want to be part of the constantly growing automotive business ecosystem, contact Mr. Ari Lylynoja at Business Tampere.

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