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startup tampere meet chris vargas SoMe

Seeking growth? Startup Mentoring Corner starts this December!

No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, there are times when some solid advice is worth its proverbial weight in gold.
Business Tampere, Tampere Slush Party 2018

Spice up your Slush with some Tampere flavor

How to get the most out of this sprawling event, meet the right people and network? Join the Tampere Slush Party by Business Tampere!
Thousands of people walking up and down the Istiklal street in Istanbul. Photo by Tampere Imaging Ecosystem team member Eero Miettinen.

Direct, targeted talent attraction for imaging business and academia

The Tampere Imaging Ecosystem organised a targeted talent attraction campaign: meetings in Turkey with people genuinely interested in Tampere business ecosystem or academic community.
Business Tampere Stream Festival Rudolf

Tampere Pitching Competition winners – Juha Seppänen, The Rudolf Oy

The stereotypical idea of a startup entrepreneur might be young and eager technology nerd or business shark, but the reality is more diverse than that.
ManseGames2018 Logo for Article

Manse Games ’18 set to put Tampere on the map of mobile gaming

Tampere is witnessing a rise in launch of mobile games and services where companies combine expertise with a thriving work culture.
Stream 2018: Applicado, Sini Havukainen

Tampere Pitching Competition winners – Sini Havukainen, Applicado Oy

“Finland has two things that are arguably the best in the world: educational system and maternal health care”, thought Sini Havukainen, CEO of Applicado Oy in 2014. “The former is being exported all around the world with great expense, but what about the latter? Should we be the first?”
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