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Tampere – thriving through technology

y, many cities have benefited from the decline fortunes because a large pool of talent has been freed up as a result.

Areas of expertise and focus industries

Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland offering excellent business and working opportunities. ICT, intelligent machines and manufacturing industries have exceptionally wide and varied business base in Tampere region. 


Tampere Region is best known for its strong ICT and manufacturing clusters. These sectors provide other industries a solid foundation...

Intelligent machines and Manufacturing industry

Intelligent machines is one of the industries in the Tampere Region that benefits from the strong ICT cluster. Tampere Region is...

Life Science

Tampere is globally important location for R&D&I combining medicine, biology and technology. In coming years, Kauppi Campus will have 10000 health professionals, 5000-10000 customers and 10000 students.


Nanotechnology cluster in the region is formed by three microclusters: Advanced materials platform, aerosol technology and photonics clusters, all emerging...

Creative businesses

Tampere is the city of theatre and culture. This, combined with our cutting-edge high technology and innovativeness, forms the base for flourishing creative businesses in the region.

Tampere for investors

Tampere is the second largest urban area in Finland. Compact but big enough for the great things to happen.

Startup Tampere for Investors

Startup Tampere will introduce you to the Tampere Region’s most promising startups and growth companies in fields relevant to you. With our help, you can expand your portfolio, invest in future success stories and network with professionals. Contact us!
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