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    People in Business Tampere: Senior business advisor in relocation services Raimo Vähämaa

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    Raimo Vähämaa was part of developing Business Tampere when he previously worked as a director of economic development in Orivesi. Thus, he has been in Business Tampere from its very beginning, from 2009.

    “This work is nice, exciting, and confidential. This job has a positive pressure and I get to see businesses doing well”, Vähämaa tells about his job as a senior business advisor in relocation services. His job description includes helping businesses to locate in Tampere region, that is helping businesses to find an office or a lot. In addition to serving businesses that expand to Tampere, he also serves local startups with the aim of keeping them in the region.

    “Often businesses don’t know that this type of service is available”, Vähämaa says. He reacts quickly to businesses’ needs and often guides them for example to a real estate agent or municipalities where a representative of the region will continue helping them.

    “I’ll determine the hopes, dreams and the business idea of the company and as an outsider, I can often see what they need”, Vähämaa tells about his job.

    For example, he might contact a recruitment agency and explain what type of an employee the business is in the need of.

    As his biggest accomplishment Vähämaa finds the success of the building in the Kelloportinkatu street, which is also the premises for Business Finland. “I read from a paper that OP Pohjola was looking for a space for their hospital from cities with a university hospital. I took my phone and started making calls”, Vähämaa talks about the case five years later. The long-vacated building moved under OP Pohjola’s ownership, and they renovated the building completely. Now the building has a restaurant and is the premises for many businesses.

    “I see this as a great success that has stayed in mind. I have a wide and stable network that helps me to find solutions”, Vähämaa says.

    He praises Tampere for being an interesting city for businesses, with many competent employees because of the variety of schools. Vähämaa likes to view the city from above, so he tips to visit tall buildings, newest of them in Tampere being the Nokia Arena. Additionally, the heights of Näsinneula observation tower and hotel Torni are great places to go and see Tampere from up above.

    “We also have great waters here in Tampere”; Vähämaa compliments referring to the lake Näsijärvi and lake Pyhäjärvi. He sails on lake Näsijärvi in his free time and goes fishing with a rowing boat. Vähämaa’s work commutes go by bike while enjoying the exercise.

    “For businesses, I also want to hint about the events tab on the Business Tampere website. If one is planning on expanding to Tampere region, there is a broad amount of development services and for example webinars where one can build a network with other actors”, Vähämaa tips about a service which he believes to be the widest one in Finland.

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