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We offer professional services and advice to the Tampere Region companies eg. in financial planning and funding related questions. Read more about our services and contact us!

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Promotes business renewal and growth for businesses in Tampere Region by raising awareness of the benefits of data collection, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Supports the city of Tampere to identify and develop operations, and to connect businesses and create new business opportunities.

Strengthens Tampere in Finland as an attractive center of excellence for AI.

Visit tampere.ai website for more.

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AI Hub Tampere is an artificial intelligence research center hosted by the University of Tampere. The hub focuses on industrial application of artificial intelligence in intelligent machines and other industrial applications. The activities expand towards the Human-Centered AI through the KITE project (Human-Centered AI Solutions for the Smart City).

AI Hub Tampere organises workshops, experimental pilots, consultation services and other support functions for companies on their path to becoming active AI users. The expert services provided by the hub are free of charge and the research centre runs with public funding.  AI Hub Tampere is part of the national network of artificial intelligence centres and the AI and analytics theme of the Smart Tampere programme.

Twitter: @AI_Hub_Tampere

Tampere AI Hub for Intelligent Machines

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AI Mornings are held a few times a year. The events offer opportunities to learn new things and discuss AI issues. AI Mornings are great place for networking, sharing real-life implementations and experience.

For more information and registration, please visit: www.aiaamu.fi

Upcoming events

ICT-toimialan osaajat keskustelemassa kannettavan tietokoneen äärellä toimistoympäristössä.

Smart Tampere

Innovative and digital smart city solutions are being created in the Tampere Region through collaboration between businesses, organisations, municipalities and city residents.

Smart Tampere programme aims to an approach where companies, research institutions, students, communities and inhabitants jointly develop globally scalable smart city solutions.



Katunäkymä Hämeenkadulta Tampereelta

Book your AI consultation slot

The hub offers free AI consultation for businesses operating in the Tampere Region. The support can take place either face-to-face or over the phone.

Book your consultation slot (1,5 hrs) from  Heikki Huttunen, the founder of AI Hub Tampere or Ritva Savonsaari, the coordinator of AI Hub Tampere (ritva.savonsaari@tuni.fi , +358 50 477 2701)


Tampere is the centre of industrial AI in Finland

Tampere has evolved as the centre of industrial AI solutions, providing companies with a wealth of business-enhancing AI solutions and related services. The emergence of an intelligent industry cluster traces its roots to the area’s deep expertise in software and industrial artificial intelligence.

Intelligent automation experts to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Intelligent automation (IA) combines business process management, automation- and software technology into an efficient, seamless and constantly evolving process. Tampere trains future IA experts to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry, which is poised for a major leap.

Contact us

Heikki Huttunen, Tampere University of Technology

Heikki Huttunen

Founder, Tampere AI Hub +358408490799

Jaana Hanninen

AI mornings +358 400 414 117
Kinnunen Minna Business Tampere

Minna Kinnunen

Senior Business Advisor, AI and Analytics +358 40 589 9700
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