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    Starting a business

    Establishing a new company is a big step, and there are a variety of advising, digital and funding services available as well as communities for new entrepreneurs to support in the beginning of entrepreneurship.

    A solid base for a successful company is founded in a good business idea, product or service, which has a demand in specific markets. A business idea is specified with a business plan, market analysis and by surveying competing business. Shifting to business might happen naturally with earlier work experience or through an acquisition or transfer to the next generation.

    Coherent business plans and public services for entrepreneurs form a firm base, which makes company establishment easier and safer. Subsequent to establishment help and support is offered for sustainable growth and recruitment. We've compiled some of the services and tools, which might help you get started with a business of your own.


    Ensimetri offers you expert advice for starting a business, a personal mapping of the company’s financing needs, startup grant statements for the TE Office, financing statements for Finnvera as well as relocation counselling.

    Enterprise Finland Telephone Service

    The Enterprise Finland Telephone Service provides assistance in general matters related to establishing a company, general information on public enterprise and employer services, advice on how to use the services and guidance to contact other expert services.

    My Enterprice Finland

    My Enterprice Finland by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment gathers the most important planning tools for company establishment and operation., maintained by Finnish Tax Administration, is a free of charge salary calculating program for small employers such as entrepreneurs, households and associations.

    ProAgria Pirkanmaa

    ProAgria offers help and support for new entrepreneurs in farming.

    Startup grant

    Startup grant by TE services is a personal grant for new entrepreneurs. The purpose of startup grants is to encourage new businesses and promote employment. The grant provides an entrepreneur with a secure income during the time that getting the business up and running is estimated to take – however for no more than 12 months

    Suomen Yrittäjät

    Suomen Yrittäjät is an interest and service organization for small and medium-sized enterprises and their owners offering. This national central organisation of entrepreneurs offers diverse services to its members. Pirkanmaan yrittäjät is one of the 20 regional organisations of Suomen Yrittäjät. Web Service

    • Planning and starting a business
      The business planner and start up wizards help you in taking into account certain matters related to establishing a business. The wizard will guide you and, based on your responses, provide you with a check list of the matters that you need to pay attention to or that absolutely need taking care of when planning to set up a business and setting up a business.
    • Acquisition or generation transfer
      Acquisition service offers support when searching a new entrepreneur to your company or acquiring an existing company. When you buy an operating company, you get its customers, reputation, operating concept and supplier network already in place. You can look for a suitable company yourself or use the services of a business transfer agent, for example. You can apply for financing, among others, from banks, Finnvera and venture capitalists.


    Yrittäjyysbuusti is aimed for entrepreneurs who are interested in entrepreneurship in Pirkanmaa, and who might still not have the actual business idea ready. In addition, the service provides more liveliness for businesses with less than 12 months of business.


    Business Tampere has acquired the Yritystulkki guide, which is available free of charge to local companies and persons thinking about entrepreneurship. The guide provides logical and thorough information for setting up a business, thus, ensuring that all the necessary matters are observed, and the risks can be anticipated. This way, the preconditions for profitable and continued business operations are in place. The guide can be also be utilized to help with daily business operations once the company is up and running.


    Tampere Adult Education Centre’s (TAKK) entrepreneurship unit HiOMO provides entrepreneurial education and offers services to those planning entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs already in business. Training meets the criteria for applying for the startup grant.


    HUBS (previous Y-kampus) offers free-choice studies for Tuni students that develop the skills and knowledge of students around the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship. HUBS supports students who are planning to become entrepreneurs or have already become entrepreneurs with a sparring clinic, mentor network and courses which help to develop one’s own business idea and versatile skills that are needed as an entrepreneur.

    Vocational degree in entrepreneurship, Ahlman

    Ahlmanin yrittäjän ammattitutkinto sopii sekä muutaman vuoden toimineille että aloittamista suunnitteleville uusille yrittäjille. Yrittäjän ammattitutkintokoulutukset painottuvat pelialan yrittäjyyteen ja maaseutuyrittäjyyteen.

    Vocational degree in entrepreneurship, Tredu

    Tampere Vocational College Tredu offers the possibility of completing a vocational degree in entrepreneurship or alternatively develop entrepreneurial skills as part of other education. Education programmes have been planned and structured so that they suit well those in working life who consider becoming an entrepreneur and those already setting up a business.

    Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School, Specialisation on Entrepreneurship

    Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School is one of the two upper secondary school in Finland having received the national entrepreneurship specialisation task and the only entrepreneurship-oriented upper secondary school outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. The graduates of the entrepreneurship module are able to recognise and develop their own competence, take up challenges boldly and understand the significance of networking in building their own success.

    Tampere Region event calendar

    Business Tampere maintains a regional event calendar for companies. It includes a large part of the region’s business events that are mainly free of charge and suit well for networking, even if a business has not yet been set up. If you want to follow just one event calendar, this is the one.

    Young Entrepreneurs 

    Young entrepreneurs (Nuoret Yrittäjät) is a community by Suomen Yrittäjät aimed for young entrepreneurs. Through the community you get to widen your network of entrepreneurs, use business advancing tools and influence the functioning environment of entrepreneurs. 


    Platform6 is the epicenter of the Tampere startup ecosystem: one stop for all things startup. Located in the heart of Tampere in the Tulli business area, Platform6 opened its doors in October 2020 and it will be home to more than 50 resident startups and a natural meeting place for the startup community.

    Red Brick Accelerator

    Red Brick is the leading early-stage accelerator in the Tampere Region, supporting early-stage founders in the idea validation and development. They currently have two programs: online pre-accelerator and accelerator program.


    Slush is an internationally recognized technology and growth company event, which is arranged in Helsinki every year in late autumn. Dozens of Tampere-based startups and volunteers participate in the event annually.

    SPRINT Innovation Festival

    SPRINT Innovation Festival is a week-long innovation competition that brings together company representatives and students of the three universities of Tampere. The event organised every autumn and offers a unique opportunity to network and learn new things. During the event, students from different educational programmes produce solutions in multidisciplinary teams for authentic challenges related to the business operations of the customers.

    Tribe Tampere

    Tribe Tampere is an open community of entrepreneur- and startup-minded actors, which promotes cooperation between the members of the ecosystem in many ways. Information sharing and teamwork are key, which helps those seeking entrepreneurship to find partners, clarify the business idea and taking the first steps in establishing an own company.

    Representatives of universities and startups, financiers and actors in the public sector are also involved in Tribe. Many events are also organised at Tribe that are an ideal place for networking for those seeking to become an entrepreneur.

    • Tampere Entrepreneurship Society
      Tampere Entrepreneurship Society (Tampere ES) is a non-profit, student-led open community open to all. The objective is to create new things and promote entrepreneurship through meeting people and networking.
    • Mix & Match Teamup
      The Mix&Match networking event is a great place for early stage innovative ideas or startup teams to find a core team member/co-founder or anyone to offer their skills and experience to develop innovative business cases to the next level.
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