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    Services for scale-ups

    Explore our scale-up services!

    We offer versatile services for scale-up companies. Business Tampere's scale-up services are designed for companies aiming for strong international growth.
    From our partner network, you can find expert assistance for matters that concern you. Through financial counseling, you can book an appointment for a finance clinic to get support for your financing situation, or learn about the HippoMeter analysis that assesses investment readiness. You can also explore the startup environment and companies in the Tampere region through the start-up funnel.

    Is your company a scale-up?

    According to Business Tampere’s definition, a scale-up company is simply a more advanced startup on the verge of internationalization. Your company is in the scale-up phase when your business is stabilizing, and both your customer base and revenue are growing. External investors have also joined in. In addition, a scale-up company’s product or service has significant international market potential, and the company seeks strong international growth. A scale-up company is a grown-up startup or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) that has developed a scalable product or service through innovation, causing a significant change in its industry. The characteristics of a scale-up company are:

    • Scalable business model
    • Credible, motivated, and committed core team
    • Innovative product or service with an established customer base
    • Received external funding, ongoing funding discussions, or verified investor interest
    • Sufficient cash flow to enable operational activities but not sufficient for international expansion investments
    • Organized and systematic operational model If you need guidance or interpretation regarding whether your company is in the scale-up phase, you can contact our experts.

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    Solution-oriented partners at your service

    We are building an expert network to support you on your scale-up journey. We are building the network through four different themes:

    • Financing and accelerators
    • Innovation partners
    • Mentoring and consulting
    • Legal services and HR

    In selecting experts, we emphasize their experience and expertise in the scale-up phase. In building the expert network, we apply Lean startup thinking, which means the network may change from time to time based on customer feedback and comments from experts. Here you can find more information on how to access the services of the expert network or, alternatively, how to become an expert and join the network.

    Assess your company’s scale-up readiness with HippoMeter!

    HippoMeter provides an overview of a company’s situation across seven themes and their five strategic areas. The overview is based on responses from individuals who know the company best. HippoMeter helps you avoid unpleasant surprises in the due diligence process or investor discussions. It is also an excellent way to identify areas for development for those planning international growth. Business Tampere offers the opportunity to use HippoMeter analysis free of charge.

    Explore HippoMeter >>

    Financial guidance for your scale-up company

    Once your product or service is validated and your team is in place, it’s time to consider financing.

    There are many options available, from venture capital (angel and venture capital investments) to public funding programs. You can easily get started by booking an appointment with Tapio Siikin’s calendar for a finance clinic. The clinic will assess various financing opportunities and instruments, as well as your company’s financial readiness.

    The clinic aims to create a clear plan for acquiring financing and enhance your company’s investment appeal from the perspective of investors.

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    Startup Funnel reveals the state of the Tampere city region’s startup ecosystem

    Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date overview of the Tampere region’s startup-based companies. We publish a monthly updated Startup Funnel image that shows the development stages of the region’s startup companies and the overall ecosystem’s status.
    If you notice any corrections to be made regarding a company’s placement in growth stages, a missing company from the image, or a company that is in the wrong category, please inform us with a brief explanation, and we will gladly rectify the situation in the next update of the overview.
    Startup Funnel offers the opportunity to assess the impact of different activities, identify best practices, follow interesting companies, and it also showcases companies that have undergone the HippoMeter analysis, among other things.

    The Scaleup Launchpad program implements two international growth programs in collaboration between Business Tampere, Tartu Science Park, and Norrköping Science Park. The programs select a total of approximately 20 companies that develop solutions for the operational environment of smart cities to promote the achievement of carbon neutrality goals. The programs, which last around 10 months, provide practical assistance for companies’ challenges.

    Learn more about Scaleup Launchpad program >>

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