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    Scaleup Launchpad

    Scaleup Launchpad – Generating scaleups through a growth program by linking innovations in the smart city network. The overall objective of the project is to create more scaled-up growth companies. 

    The project executes two cross-border programmes working in close cooperation with altogether about 20 selected businesses from the participating regions. Those companies are selected from companies providing impact solutions related to the green transition in a smart and sustainable city context. The two launchpad programmes emphasize the importance of impact in the business context connecting that with all levels of training: strategic, day-to-day management and grassroot operative work.

    The Launchpad focuses on selected key areas – finances, team, strategy and entering new markets – allowing project partners to take a deep dive into selected topics and share the learnings with businesses and project partners.

    See more from the project's website.

    The Scaleup Launchpad project is funded by the Interreg Baltic program from January 2023 – December 2026. Total funding for the project is 1.3€ million euros with 3 partner organizations from 3 different countries including Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

    Let’s help our smart cities by generating more climate neutral scale ups! Stay tuned for more information about the project, and don’t miss the opportunity to receive our support!

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