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Tampere is now made known as the Sauna Capital. The Finnish Sauna Society and the International Sauna Association have stated to be in favour of Tampere’s status as the Sauna Capital. The status is based on the city’s high level saunas and Tampere being home to most public saunas in Finland. The announcement was made yesterday at Finland’s oldest, still functioning, public sauna, the Rajaportti Sauna in the district of Pispala, in Tampere.  Read more

The Export Gateway internationalization project saw talents and companies combine their strengths to advance strategic interest areas for growth. Read the success stories of two companies and their talents.  Read more

Talent Boost Summit 2017 was a huge success, and we are happy to announce that the next Summit will be organized in Tampere in November 2018.  Read more

The YEi Start in France program is an accelerator for young science-based companies interested in growing their business in France and Europe. It provides a personalized immersion week in France including training sessions, networking, 1-on-1 meetings and more with the best networks and resources in Europe. Apply to the program latest on May 29th!  Read more

Tampere region has a solid history of conceiving and developing some of the best imaging technology. With world-renowned brands like Nokia, Intel, and Huawei basing their research and development offices in Tampere, Finland, this trend is set to continue. The same way Silicon Valley has become a noteworthy centre of excellence, Tampere is working its way becoming the ‘Imaging Valley’ of the future.  Read more

Hidden Gems is the first initiative to support trailing spouses in Finland and is coordinated by Tampere3 universities - blog text by Karelle Bélanger.  Read more

Events in Tampere, the cultural scene and attractions, restaurants, nature – the saunas in particular – and activities for families with children. Visit Tampere Ltd. has mapped out what exactly in Tampere appeals to both domestic and foreign visitors, and what do people search for in Visit Tampere website. Based on this information, we have created a totally renewed site.  Read more

Talent Tampere Export Gateway brings together companies and a team of international talents. Read Njoki Githieya's second blog entry here.  Read more

XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for businesses and students in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. The goal of the contest is to find product and service solutions for global market needs of top 3 Finnish industry companies Fastems, Glaston Corporation and Valmet. Apply now, the final submission date for solution concepts is May 15, 2018.  Read more

  An immigrant entrepreneur is becoming a very important part of the economic landscape in many urban cities of the world contributing to t…  Read more

The City of Tampere is actively looking into better utilization and digitalization of built environment, in order to become a breeding ground for innovations.  Read more

Talent Tampere Export Gateway brings together companies and a team of international talents. One of the talent participants, freelance writer Njoki Githieya shares her experiences on the process.  Read more