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    Take a leap with Business Tampere

    We at Business Tampere match your company with growth opportunities and partnerships in the Tampere Region, Finland and globally.

    We offer you our expertise in business service development, investments and internationalisation opportunities.

    Your Business. Our Passion.

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    Business Tampere, the economic development agency of the Tampere region, promotes investments and creates an attractive environment for sustainable business in the region.

    We operate within the Tampere city region economic development strategy 2020-2025. 

    Business Tampere is owned and financed by eight municipalities and towns in the Tampere region:

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    Business events

    Tampere Region as an investment location

    Tampere – the Industrial Capital of Finland

    The Tampere Region is the second largest city region and a growth center in Finland. Around 80 per cent of Finland’s industrial and economic activity is concentrated within a two-hour drive from the region. The shift from heavy industry to smart technology has already generated countless success stories in the city region. ICT and mobile technology competence is particularly strong and springs from the Nokia heritage.

    Find your new business location in Tampere

    How many ICT companies are there in the Tampere Region? What is the concentration of people with degrees in health sciences compared to other regions in Finland? Our interactive data toolset makes finding and comparing business data easy. It allows any businesses interested in Tampere region as a business location to analyse and map eg. demographics, labour force, wages, business, and industry data in an simple way.

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