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Business Tampere_Investor Chis Vargas at the Tampere Slush Party 2018. Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

Tampere Slush Party – showcasing the hottest in Tampere

Our basic function is to enable collisions between startups and investors, startups and bigger companies, and of course the synergies between startups
AI Hub Tampere

AI Hub Tampere helps companies to take the first steps in AI

The AI Hub Tampere is now launched officially. The new hub focuses on intelligent machines and aims to make artificial intelligence easy to reach for the local companies.
Kaksi naista kävelemässä hyvin valaistua toimiston käytävää pitkin.

Service Paths

Explore the paths of example entrepreneurs with business services. Select the example entrepreneur who resembles you the most and see what kind of choices they have made along the way.
Ideasta yrittäjäksi - tutustu Business Tampereen yrityspalveluihin!

Business Services

As an entrepreneur you’re entitled to many regional, national and public business services. Learn more!
Näkymä Tampereen Keskustorilta Teatterille ja ihmisjoukkoon.

Facts and figures

The Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report provides companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the current business climate in the Tampere Region.
Mies ja nainen keskustelevat sijoittumisesta ja investoinneista Tampere-talossa.

Investment opportunities

Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland offering excellent business and working opportunities.
Business Tampere, Tampere Slush Party 2018

Spice up your Slush with some Tampere flavor

How to get the most out of this sprawling event, meet the right people and network? Join the Tampere Slush Party by Business Tampere!
järvimaisema, edustalla metalliköysi

Blog: Safety & Security knowhow in Tampere – Strong, Diverse and Active

In Tampere Region, the local safety and security know-how is both extensive and profound. The organizations working on safety and security are not necessarily too visible in public, but the work that they do is impressive. Petri Nykänen and Heini Wallander from Business Tampere wrote a blog entry about the theme.
Näsinneula Tampereen kaupunkikehittämisen ja innovaatioympäristön maamerkkinä

Innovation environment

The City of Tampere is a smart city development platform where new solutions are sought for housing, transport and services.
ManseGames2018 Logo for Article

Manse Games ’18 set to put Tampere on the map of mobile gaming

Tampere is witnessing a rise in launch of mobile games and services where companies combine expertise with a thriving work culture.
Talent Tampere Tampere talo networking by OlliPekka Latvala

Starting your business in Tampere Region

The decision to start your own business is a huge one, but it is always a good idea to investigate all the possibilities.
Thousands of people walking up and down the Istiklal street in Istanbul. Photo by Tampere Imaging Ecosystem team member Eero Miettinen.

Direct, targeted talent attraction for imaging business and academia

The Tampere Imaging Ecosystem organised a targeted talent attraction campaign: meetings in Turkey with people genuinely interested in Tampere business ecosystem or academic community.
Tampere-talon tapahtumat


Business events and training for companies in Tampere Region in one place. Add yours, and find what is topical!
pp muokkaus ilmanwww TAYS Optimal hospital FB

My Optimal Hospital

Tampere University, Building Arvo
startup tampere meet chris vargas SoMe

Seeking growth? Startup Mentoring Corner starts this December!

No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, there are times when some solid advice is worth its proverbial weight in gold.
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