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Atanas Gotchev planned to stay in Tampere no more than six months. Almost 20 years later he is Professor in the Tampere University of Technology and one of the key figures in the Tampere imaging ecosystem.  Read more

Countdown to the year's most significant talent attraction seminar has started! You may now register and ensure your place for the event.  Read more

Join us in the first XR Seminar September 19th in Tampere, Finland. Seminar offers you a day filled with interesting speakers, bright ideas and new connections! Learn all about cool virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality gear and solutions.  Read more

”International Business Powered by Talents” project fosters the renewal, growth, agility, competitiveness and employment of the economy of Tampere region by strengthening the SMEs´ abilities in internationalization, innovation and co-creation.  Read more

Film Tampere was honored to have a Chinese production company China Media as their guest on 19.-20.6.2018. The purpose of the visit was to find suitable filming locations for the company's future productions.  Read more

How does a company become international? Where to start and in which order should I do it? How do I know if my product is suitable for my chosen market area or which one should I choose? Am I facing a challenges in the international market that I need to resolve but I am not sure how?  Read more

The XR Challenge competition will culminate in an event organised in Tampere on 18-19 September. Eight finalist companies, Etteplan, Softability, Eligo.Studio Oy, Cybercom, Intopalo Oy, Voconaut, Lightshape GmbH & Co. KG and Simlab IT Ltd., will compete for the prize money of EUR 40,000. In the student track, the jury awarded the three best concepts with a EUR 1,000 prize. XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for companies and students in the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The contest seeks product and service solutions for the global market needs of the industry companies Fastems, Glaston Corporation and Valmet.  Read more

The Enlighten Tampere innovation challenge culminated in the beginning of June when the teams presented and pitched their solutions for judges at demo fairs in Kampusareena. The teams had worked intensively for the last one and a half days, and had also planned their solutions earlier on their own, after a kickoff event. Now was the time to announce the results; which of the teams would be selected to pilot their ideas together with the City?  Read more

The Hidden Gems project is the first initiative supporting dual-career couples in Finland and take place in the Tampere region.  Read more

The Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report provides companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the current business climate in the Tampere Region. The comprehensive data package includes eg. key figures of the companies operating in the region, as well as statistics about the local labour market and internationality activities.  Read more

Close collaboration between the academic world and companies is the key to any industry community to growing and flourishing. Tampere Imaging Ecosystem, fueled by Business Tampere, is a fine example of what great minds can achieve together. With all the imaging and signal processing talent within Tanpere, there’s a unique opportunity to work collaboratively in order to create new products and solutions that will have wide ranging practical applications for a better future.  Read more

”18 sharp presentations during the afternoon – an amount hard to fit into your daily schedule in any other way so efficiently.”  Read more