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The author, Eero Miettinen completed his university internship for Talent Tampere in September-December 2017.  Read more

Business Tampere warmly welcomes its networks to register for Transforming India - a business seminar for Finnish Companies on the opportunities in India on the 6th of February in Technopolis, Tampere.  Read more

The UK is currently facing massive upheaval, with Brexit possibly presenting many threats and opportunities for business start-ups. Read on to discover some useful tips and tricks for doing business in the UK for both start-ups and established companies.  Read more

”An opportunity worth taking.” Business Tampere is organising a series of industrial hackathons in the Tampere Region. In November the local expertise was focused on the automotive interiors in the BHTC hackathon.  Read more

The Intercultural Toolkit is a skill-building platform for people in leading positions and their teams to succeed and thrive through diversity. It offers information and a variety of tools regarding interculturality to help individuals and organisations build an inclusive workplace for maximum benefit.  Read more

Tampere offers the best platform to create high-class studio entertainment and drama.  Read more

Over 300 people gathered for the first event ever of this scale in the domain of international talent management in Finland, the Talent Boost Summit 2017.  Read more

Mediapolis, a media campus located in the Tampere disctrict of Tohloppi, enables the collaboration for the creative industries and is a capital of creation in the heart of Finland. Mediapolis is also a place with an international outlook and it plays an important role in putting Tampere on the map as one of Europe’s major hubs of content creation.  Read more

Business Tampere / Talent Tampere Boost project is calling for bids for a design of an internationalization event concept for businesses in Tampere region. The aim of the work is to create concrete service concept for co-operation between international talents and companies.  Read more

Business Tampere / Talent Tampere Boost project is calling for bids for a planning and execution of a LinkedIn search and analysis with the aim to expand the Tampere Ambassador network.  Read more

TalentMeet takes place December 14th, starting at 13:00. This event is organized in TRIBE Tampere, Pinninkatu 47. Be there, present your company briefly and meet talented people. It's easy and efficient!  Read more