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“We have made enormous progress”

Medified is health technology startup founded by three medical students. The company’s rapid growth and progress are huge motivators for the entrepreneurs. The startup community of Medified’s home city, Tampere, has supported the young entrepreneurs’ journey from the start.

Smart Tampere and companies at Smart City Expo World Congress

Alongside Smart Tampere, eight Finnish companies will participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on 19-21 November....

Europe supports industry digitalization – as do we in Tampere Region

Tampere Region wants to support the digitalization development of manufacturing companies with broader shoulders. A service model is being prepared...

Top-grade automotive technology expertise in the Tampere Region

The Tampere Automotive Cluster is up and running, bringing together expertise on various automotive-related technologies and boosting local cooperation. The Tampere city region, long known for ICT, intelligent machinery and manufacturing industries, is now geared up to make the automotive future.

Business Services

As an entrepreneur you’re entitled to many regional, national and public business services. Learn more!

Funding for your company?

Are you in the search of private and public funding for growth and internationalisation? Do you need tips on how to approach angel investors and venture capitalists? You're not alone, Business Tampere’s helpdesk of financial services offers help.


Scandit is a market leader in mobile computer vision and it arrived to Tampere because of the expertise that is available in the area: great engineers with a lot of experience highly relevant for the company. Christof Roduner, VP Engineering, CIO and co-founder of Scandit talks about the new Tampere office and its role in building the next generation of Scandit products.

Specma concentrates logistics operations in the Tampere Region

Specma Oy, a subsidiary of a leading Nordic hydraulics company, has chosen the Tampere Region as the location of its logistics operations because of the good transport connections. Business Tampere offered Specma an easy access to the region.

Investment opportunities

Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland offering excellent business and working opportunities.

Tampere gets over MEUR 3 of EU funding for improving urban and event security

The Tampere Region has the largest security competence cluster in Finland. Security is also an increasingly crucial competitive factor in international event hosting applications, for example. The funding facilitates the creation of pioneering solutions for improving the daily security of residents and visitors.

Business statistics

The Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report provides companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region. Download the latest report!

Innovation environment

The City of Tampere is a smart city development platform where new solutions are sought for housing, transport and services.

What Finland can (and must) learn from Talent Boost Summit 2018

The Talent Boost Summit 2018 follow up article. Relating to their own experiences in Finland, Yacine Samb, Miriam Holstein and Kamilla Sultanova among others challenged leaders to think globally and create diverse workplaces.

Blog: Export Gateway experience

The first Talent Tampere Export Gateway was organised in April 2018. Winled was one of the participating companies. Read the CEO's blog on the process

Direct, targeted talent attraction for imaging business and academia

The Tampere Imaging Ecosystem organised a targeted talent attraction campaign: meetings in Turkey with people genuinely interested in Tampere business ecosystem or academic community.

Industry and cyber workshop

DIMECC Office (Kampusareena 3rd floor)

Sparring Breakfast: Time Management

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