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"As long as you’re persistent and committed to your dream and values, Finland will reward you in countless ways and always give you reasons to come back." Tampere Ambassador Andruta Ilie's article for the Toolbox Finland website.  Read more

The Finnish startup permit makes it possible for growth entrepreneurs to get a residence permit in Finland as quickly as possible to found a startup company.  Read more

International research and collaboration takes researchers and their families all over the world. Many international top researchers move to Finland with their family members. Their spouses are often highly educated and possess a great deal of international competencies that are often left untapped.  Read more

The City of Tampere in Finland is building into a smart city by treating city development projects as platforms for innovative solutions and new business models. The city enables this by opening data, building ecosystems and enhancing the culture of cross-industry co-operation. In the real estate expo MIPIM 2018 Tampere is showcasing how it acts as a platform.  Read more

Startup Afrofinns is a (Tampere based) project under the Afrofinns association. The association has dedicated itself to encouraging and supporting the Afro-Finnish community by celebrating their achievement, encouraging positive identity and more critically engaging in the space of business.  Read more

The Finnish audiovisual industry’s new production incentive system was launched at the beginning of 2017. The City of Tampere has now also deployed its own production incentive system for the audiovisual industry. Together these two systems form an internationally competitive inducement to bring productions to Tampere, Finland.  Read more

What are Jolma Architects and how does international talents benefit their company? Find out this and much more form the video article.  Read more

Tampere is known as one of the top Centres of Excellence for imaging in the world due in part to the rich mobile technologies heritage, as well as university research in signal processing and imaging.  Read more

The author, Eero Miettinen completed his university internship for Talent Tampere in September-December 2017.  Read more

Business Tampere warmly welcomes its networks to register for Transforming India - a business seminar for Finnish Companies on the opportunities in India on the 6th of February in Technopolis, Tampere.  Read more