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Easy access to innovation services

Innovation platforms are places for open cooperation and for companies they offer an opportunity to create and test new concepts in a quick and easy way. For students they offer a chance to show their know-how with real clients and for the city they give access to service providers and new products. The Tampere Region innovation platforms are presented elsewhere on this website.

Company development services

Company development services are services provided by Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for growth, renewal and internationalisation. The Business infrastructure analysis form provides an easy access to these services. A specialist who suits your situation will contact you based on the background information provided. If you want, you can explore the different service options in advance on the company development services website (site in Fin). Contact Jukka Ojala +358 295 036 204 or jukka.ojala(at) for more information.

Yrityskehittämö is an online service that offers companies tools to develop their business and concretize the company’s business strategy. You can visit Yrityskehittämö’s website (only in Fin). For more information, please contact Marko Tammivuori tel. +358 400 380 047 or marko.tammivuori(at)

TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers diverse co-operation and enterprise services for SMEs. TAMK’s extensive network of experts and students with ideas are available to you. TAMK offers services for concept design, partnership creation, commercialisation of innovations and inventions, consultancy services for business development, laboratory services and, naturally, training. Contact Hanna-Greta Puurtinen (+358 50 373 2947, hanna-greta.puurtinen(a) or find more information on the website of TAMK. The OpenLab of TAMK offers companies various product development and innovation services. Companies can benefit from OpenLab’s vast machinery for example for testing and modelling purposes. For more information please contact openlab(a)

TUT – Tampere University of Technology is a pioneer in technological development and a partner for the world of research as well as industry and commerce. TUT offers diverse services for companies, such as commissioned studies and research collaboration, measurement and analysis services, student collaboration and a free monthly event, Pulmaperjantai (Puzzles Friday), in which a team of experts solves companies’ problems. TUTLab is a workshop for open digital production with emphasis on integrating different techniques. Contact Jussi Viljanen, +358 50 300 8839, jussi.viljanen(at) or read more (in Fin) here.

UTA – the University of Tampere offers a diverse range of expertise and enterprise services (site in Fin). The easiest way to start student collaboration is to fill in the online contact form on the website. It is possible for companies to participate even in large research projects through joint funding. Also, the University of Tampere School of Management Synergos offers research and training services for the development of business processes. You should also learn more about targeted development services, which involve implementing agreed-on training modules or development projects. For more information, contact Jukka Mäkinen, tel. +358 50 564 4886, jukka.e.makinen(at)

TAKK – Tampere Adult Education Centre offers study programmes and degrees, but also comprehensive expert services for business development. Support is available for customer service and sales, management, product development, developing teamwork and co-operative skills as well as project management.

Kampuskamari (Campus chamber) (site in Fin) is a form of student collaboration for the members of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which strengthens the co-operation between educational institutes and working life through company visits. Contact Hannu Saarijärvi for more information (+358 40 535 1369, hannu.saarijarvi(a)

The leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, provides expert services based on research and information for domestic and international customers, business life, public sector and other actors. For example, Pk-projektilähdöt (SME project starts) offers projects for implementing ready-made solution models and methods with changing themes, and the Yhteistyön toimintamalli (Co-operation model) includes product, process and business development and technology consultation according to your needs.

A specialist in developing and providing product development and innovation servicesHermia Group links together the competence of industry and commerce, public sector and the world of research and supports the creation of new business on both national and international level. It offers a variety of innovation, training and coaching, start-up, product development and networking services, and makes high-quality research data, top experts in their fields and ready-made networks available to companies and organisations.

Hermia Business Development Ltd specialises in the development of technology and growth companies. Its services focus on business development, growth funding, international cooperation and technology transfer. Learn more on the Hermia Business Development Ltd website.

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