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    Change-of-ownership and cessation

    Services for change-of-ownership situations

    The experts of Pirkanmaan viestinvaihto help in change-of-ownership situations. They assist with determining the company’s value, finding prospective buyers, tax matters as well as financing and insurance matters. 

    Services in the Tampere Region for situations like change-of-ownership of a company, cessation or shutting down a business or even bankruptcy.
    Photo: Opa Latvala

    Learn more on the Pirkanmaan viestinvaihto website (site in Finnish) or contact project manager Tapani Kaskela (+358 50 303 9000, tapani.kaskela(at)

    When you consider buying an existing company it is useful to check Yritystulkki website. On the same website you can also find some information regarding franchising.

    Assistance for the change of ownership of rural companies is provided by ProAgria. Make an appointment with Mika Hirvijoki, tel. +358 40 410 4475, mika.hirvijoki(at)

    Companies in financial difficulties can get financial and debt counselling from the national Enterprise Finland Talousapu consultancy service on +358 2950 24880.

    The Tampere Region TE Office offers change security services (site in Finnish) to help companies cope with change in crisis situations. Change security helps find new employment for personnel in case of lay-offs. For more information in the Tampere Region, please contact Hannu Järvelin (+358 295 045 591) and Marita Salonen (+358 295 045 752).

    Companies on the verge of a crisis can get help from the recently established Piiru project. For more information on this proactive business service organised by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and TE Services, please contact Mia Häkkinen (mia.hakkinen(a) or Harri Katajisto (harri.katajisto(a)

    Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät (Federation of Enterprises in the Tampere Region) and  Pirkanmaa Business Mentors have opened a new permanent service for entrepreneurs who have either financial or mental health problems. Entrepreneurs willing to participate will be guided by a mentor. The service is available for members of the Federation of Enterprises in the Tampere Region and helps entrepreneurs facing difficulties Mon – Fri, tel. +358 3 251 6513.

    A national Early Warning service offers help for microbusinesses and SMEs in their economic difficulties. For more information, contact Tampere region service representative Kauko Suhonen, Suhonen Consulting Oy, +358 40 511 9256, kauko(a)

    Different rules apply to different forms of incorporation when it comes to the cessation of business. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office website contains appropriate instructions for various situations. You can also use the services online on +358 29 509 5050 (weekdays 9 am–4:15 pm).

    If the debts of the closing company exceed its assets, the cessation must be executed via bankruptcy proceedings. Bankrupt companies can contact the Bankruptcy Ombudsman, who fosters good receivership through initiatives, advice and instructions. The Bankruptcy Ombudsman has an office in Tampere.

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