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    The evolving industry brings positive outcomes to the Tampere region

    20240228 Jouni Myllymäki 00118
    Jouni Myllymäki, Customer Manager at Business Tampere. The history of Tampere's industry resonates within the premises of Business Tampere: they were originally the premises of Tampella factory, a company in the metal, forest, and textile industries. Photographer: Petri Kangas.
    Kuva: Petri Kangas

    The Tampere region is a pioneer in evolving industry. The strong industrial heritage of the area and expertise in the digital age are evident in sustainable and intelligent industry. Development must be continuous so that we can maintain the region's competitiveness and enhance the well-being of the area.

    The Tampere region has traditionally been seen as the focal point of Finland's industry. This is not a misconception, as the industry still accounts for over half of the region's exports and jobs, directly employing 35,000 people and indirectly supporting 2–5 times that amount. 80 percent of Finland's industry is located within a two-hour distance from Tampere.

    Tampere's location is also central because we have efficient logistical connections to important export harbors such as Helsinki, Rauma, and Pori. Our electrical grid is also built to meet the needs of heavy industry, originally designed for paper mills to be stable and reliable. Therefore, we are now and in the future an interesting destination for new energy-intensive investments, such as production facilities for fuels that reduce our carbon footprint.

    Digitalization, more energy-efficient, and green energy solutions are not just talk. They are visible every day on the production lines of the industry.

    The industry directly and indirectly brings prosperity to the region and enables a greener future, especially in the ongoing transformation. Digitalization, more energy-efficient, and green energy solutions are not just talk. They are visible every day on the production lines of the industry. Even though an increasingly significant portion of industrial products belong to the digital economy, there is still a need for a physical platform, such as a mini-tractor or a mining machine, to carry out the work itself. The intelligence lies in manufacturing these devices with a smaller carbon footprint, right down to the logistics.

    Expertise center

    In the Tampere region, there is a concentration of expertise and companies that support our industry's operations, such as investments in addition to construction activities, including industrial automation and production planning. Despite uncertain times, significant news about investments in the region has been plentiful, for example, in the defense industry, energy sector, and related to the manufacture of work machinery. At the end of February, it was confirmed that the assembly lines and maintenance of new F-35 fighter jet engines will begin at Nokia's Siuro Linnavuori site.

    In terms of product development and research, we have a comprehensive support system for the industry's digital green transition, including engineering firms specializing heavily in design and service business, as well as Tampere University and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Tampere University of Applied Sciences also actively engages in applied research and service activities in collaboration with companies. Education and continuing education play an important role, as well as international networking with European universities and research institutions. Vocational education and training have received new momentum from the new operating concept of the Konepajakoulu. Its mission is to support workforce availability and provide further training for professionals.


    Photo: Skyfox, Marko Kallio

    Industry and society develop in parallel

    Tampere grows as a region by 10,000 residents annually. This is due to the region's strong attractiveness in various fields and aspects of life, which has persisted for years. The region's services, cultural offerings, and investments made over the years attract new residents as well as tourists. The wide range of theaters, numerous museums, the new Tammela Stadium, and Nokia Arena all contribute to this appeal.

    Good connections to the surrounding world attract professional events to the region, of which the largest in the industrial sector are the Subcontracting Fair, Manufacturing Performance Days, Glass Performance Days, Future Mobile Work Machine, as well as numerous B2B events organized by the region's companies for their customers and stakeholders.

    In Business Tampere's role, the industry is also visible in important ecosystems for mobile work machines, manufacturing industries, and the automotive cluster. Companies within these ecosystems are typically export-oriented, networked, and international both in their operations and ownership. We support companies by organizing visits, informational events, networking sessions, export trips, facilitating access to financing opportunities, and fostering connections and contacts. Organizing events between ecosystems is also one of our new initiatives, which companies have found beneficial.

    Text: Jouni Myllymäki

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