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    Education and training

    General education advice

    Enterprise Finland’s telephone service provides information about different educational options through which you can develop the competence of your personnel as well as your own entrepreneurship skills. Telephone +358 295 020 500 (Mon–Fri 9 am – 4:15 pm). You may also contact Enterprise Finland by sending them a service request.

    Enquire for customised training services for personnel competence development in the business telephone service of the Tampere Region TE Office on +358 295 045 503or contact the training expert Urpo Salkoaho directly at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa, tel. +358 295 036 097.

    The TE Offices business telephone service helps with competence development matters on +358 295 045 503 (Mon–Fri 9 am–4:15 pm).

    Development and training services for SMEs can be accessed by filling in the Business infrastructure analysis form on the website of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. A specialist will contact you based on the background information provided.

    In matters related to training services for internationalisation, fill in the Team Finland business service needs sounding form or telephone +358 295 020 510(Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm).

    Advice in training matters is also provided locally by Pirkanmaan yrittäjät entrepreneurship association on +358 3 251 6500.

    Enquire about customised training services for personnel competence development in business telephone service of the Tampere Region TE office on +358 295 045 503 or contact the training expert Urpo Salkoaho directly at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa, tel. +358 295 036 097.

    The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health provides companies with training, consultancy and research services connected to occupational well-being.

    The Tampere Region Co-operative Centre provides training and expert services connected to co-operative entrepreneurship. Contact Ulla Leppänen (+358 50 3950 112, ulla.leppanen(at)

    Naturally, the Tampere Region educational institutes also offer educational for personnel competence development:

    • Edutech of TUT – Tampere University of Technology offers SMEs customised solutions for personnel competence development.
    • UTA – the University of Tampere offers companies customised training (site in Fin) for personnel and company development needs. For more information, contact Jukka Mäkinen, +358 50 564 4886, jukka.e.makinen(at)
    • TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers training for work communities (site in Fin) either from the ongoing course selection or with customised contents. There are also other services available for work community development. For more information, contact Kristiina Lilja, +358 50 373 2966, kristiina.lilja(at)

    Education, training and events with changing themes to develop the entrepreneurship skills and business operations of both new and established entrepreneurs is organised by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa. Contact Chief of Service Ojala Jukka (029 5036 204, jukka.ojala(at) for more information.

    Internet marketing, social media leveraging and corporate blogging – SMEs and others interested in the above and in entrepreneurship competence and business should learn more about the short courses offered by entrepreneurship training unit Hiomo of Tampere Adult Education Centre.

    Do not forget the Business Events calendar, which shows all training, events and competitions targeted for Tampere Region businesses!

    SME management and key personnel can attend training programmes lasting several months organised by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (site in Fin). The themes include growth management, financial and productivity management as well as marketing and customer relationship management. Contact Chief of Service Jukka Ojala (029 5036 204, jukka.ojala(at) for more information.

    The Tampere Region TE Office organises entrepreneurship training, during which you can flexibly launch an enterprise. Ask more at the training couselling hot line 0295 020 702 (Mon-Fri 9–16.15) or koulutusneuvonta(at)

    A new entrepreneur usually needs to undergo entrepreneurship training to qualify for a start-up grant. The following actors organise entrepreneurship training that meets the start-up grant conditions in the Tampere Region:

    • English-language Entrepreneurship course  – entrepreneurship training for new entrepreneurs. Information on the courses at Valmennusmajakka website (site in Fin) or you can contact Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen (veli-matti.ruotsalainen(at), +358 40 555 1062) for more information.
    • TAKK – Tampere Adult Education Centre, Hiomo unit lets you choose the most suitable training for you from the course selection. Check the entrepreneurship training and application instructions on the TAKK website.
    • Ylöjärven Kauppahuone Oy organises training for new entrepreneurs. Check the start date of the next training on the Ylöjärven Kauppahuone website (site in Fin). Contact Jarkko Haukijärvi (+358 44 5833410, jarkko(at)
    • Tammer-Lex organises training for new entrepreneurs. Check the start date of the next training on the Tammer-Lex website (site in Fin). Contact Rauno Haikara (+358 44 3200 370) for more information.
    • Eränelo organises entrepreneurship training targeted at new entrepreneurs in the creative fields, in particular. Check the start date of the next training on the Eränelo website (site in Fin). Contact Heikki Närvänen (heikki.narvanen(at)
    • Valmennusmajakka organises entrepreneurship training for new entrepreneurs as online training (site in Fin). Contact Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen (veli-matti.ruotsalainen(at), +358 40 555 1062) for more information about courses in English.

    You can complete a vocational degree in entrepreneurship in the Tampere Region at the following educational institutes:

    • Ahlman (site in Fin) offers entrepreneurs in the field of nature, tourism, natural resources, food industry and agriculture opportunities. Contact +358 3 3399 2500 for more information.
    • TAKK – Tampere Adult Education Centre offers a vocational degree in entrepreneurship, which can be completed flexibly as self-motivated multiform, apprenticeship or labour market training. The degree is suitable for everyone, both new and long-established entrepreneurs. The programme is started flexibly according to your situation.
    • Tredu – Tampere Vocational College offers a vocational qualification for business management for future or current entrepreneurs as self-motivated multiform or apprenticeship training.
    • TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences Proakatemia offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree on an entrepreneur team – applications are submitted in the spring joint national university-polytechnic applications. A person who already has a bachelor’s degree may complete a master’s degree.

    Foreigners working in Tampere may complete language training in Finnish or Swedish, customised for the profession or field. Similarly, persons recruited from EU/EEA countries may be offered training in Finnish or Swedish language, culture and labour market subjects even before they arrive in Finland. Training in workplace Finnish and Swedish is provided by the Tampere Region TE Services. For more information, please contact Project Specialist Maija Niskavirta (+358 295 026 006, maija.niskavirta(at)

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