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    Communication is an important focal point to achieve a city region of superior capacity for renewal and sustainability. To achieve this vision, we need to collect success stories and tell a consistent, appealing story about a safe and regenerating Tampere region that is growing sustainably. Storification is an important tool at various levels, from the city region level down to individual companies and organisations providing training. It signals the capacity for renewal and innovation potential of the region.

    A consistent narrative highlights the whole city region through attractive stories. This profiles all the municipalities in the city region as a close-knit part of the Tampere city region and helps municipalities benefit from the attractiveness of Tampere and the city region.

    Ideas put forward regarding the targeting of measures

    Clarifying the goals of telling a story and deriving from them the actions, storification and communication, for example through joint campaigns

    Visuality is an important part of telling a story.

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