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    Proactive land policy, attractiveness of relocation and relocation services for businesses as well as accessibility and logistics in the region are all very valuable for business growth and competitiveness. Proactive land policy can even be seen as a prerequisite for other success factors. If successful, it provides a solid basis for growth and competitiveness in the region. Cooperation between businesses, business life, land use and town planning must be smooth and the aims mutually consistent.

    The attractiveness of the region is the sum of many factors, and their importance to the company varies on a case-by-case basis. The importance of relocation services will be emphasised at the latest at the stage where the initial interest in relocation and contact with the region already exist and the company needs more detailed information on matters that are relevant to it. Accessibility, location and connectivity in the region as a whole are a very critical and fundamental success factor and, like proactive land policy, a prerequisite for success in many other areas.

    The Tampere city region is the region with by far the best accessibility by rail and road in Finland. Good accessibility and fast access to international destinations are vital for a strong business life and its growing internationalisation. Intellectual capital, such as university activities and the preservation and continued development of international cooperation in education in the region, can only be guaranteed in the future by establishing effective international transport links in the region.

    Only a well-functioning airport and air connections will enable the export industry and the rest of the economy to grow. Tampere-Pirkkala’s central location creates an excellent accessibility zone for the airport.

    Ideas put forward regarding the targeting of measures

    A regular dialogue and a concrete forum for cooperation to support proactive land policy, highlighting, for example, the needs of business life in terms of land use and planning The aim is flexibility and enabling.

    A common overall view of the long-term objectives of accessibility and defined priorities for different projects, understanding that the projects do not exclude each other, such as the one-hour train service and the increase of direct connections to Tampere-Pirkkala

    Developing efficient local transport travel chains, especially between the workplace and home

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