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    A diverse economic structure protects the competitiveness of the city region against changes in the world market. In order to maintain it, it is important to develop the capacity for renewal in all sectors, across businesses of different sizes and in different life cycle stages. However, after a decade of lost growth, the RDI investments are below the target of 4% of GDP.

    At the same time, particular attention must be paid to industry, which is what the city region is known for. Industry has been able to renewal, and its current capacity for renewal is estimated to be sufficient, but the capacity for renewal must be maintained and further strengthened through cooperation between companies, universities and research institutes and through increasing RDI investments. The reshaping industry also provides a strong growth platform for business in other fields.

    Ideas put forward regarding the targeting of measures

    Measures to raise the level of RDI investment to a competitive level in international comparison

    Promoting cooperation between large companies, research institutes and small businesses in RDI activities and in finding funding

    Targeting companies with a high RDI input-benefit ratio

    Ensuring a diversified funding base, private sources are involved in the whole alongside public RDI funding

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