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    The manufacturing industry in the Tampere city region is one of the most important drivers of Finland’s foreign exports. The technology industry in the wider Tampere Region accounts for 76% of R&D investments of all industry and commerce in the region and 54% of the region’s total exports of goods. The direct and indirect impact on employment amounts to 70,000 jobs, and the turnover is EUR 7.3 billion. One particularly important individual cluster is the manufacture of non-road mobile machinery and its subcontracting chains, creating an annual turnover of billions of euros in the region.

    Digital transformation continues to open up great opportunities – and sometimes threats – to business. Contributing to the competitiveness of manufacturing industries through digital transformation is a very important task for the municipalities of the city region and for Business Tampere. Maintaining competitiveness focuses on identifying, managing and increasing the subcontracting and partnership network associated with strategic capabilities and new technological openings of the ecosystems. Business Tampere is an active partner of industrial companies in this task, which requires a strong knowledge of research and education and interaction with educational institutes, understanding and communicating the potential of technological ecosystems and bringing public development instruments close to businesses.

    Ideas put forward regarding the targeting of measures

    Enabling incidence

    Industrial cooperation accelerators

    Using data from different perspectives, industry’s own experience of its renewal versus regional capability analyses.

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