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    Exploiting the opportunities of social responsibility and circular economy as competitive factors in business operations is a critical focal point of both current and entirely new business. The requirements and opportunities of sustainable development permeate all sectors. There is a need in all sectors to move toward cleaner and more sustainable solutions, more responsible sourcing and transparent supply chains, and to design and production that takes into account the entire life cycle of products and minimises environmental impact.

    Taking the needs of sustainable development into account is increasingly self-evident in the current business, but at the same time it offers completely new opportunities for business and differentiation in the market. In addition to RDI funding, public procurement plays an important role in promoting the development and deployment of new, more sustainable solutions to support national reference points for new climate-smart innovations. The developing ECO3 and Taraste circular economy areas, the Sulkavuori central treatment plant under construction and the urban and municipal climate targets contribute to the importance of sustainable growth in the city region.

    Ideas put forward regarding the targeting of measures

    The development of a wider regional compensation model and its potential as a competitive factor for the city region, carbon sinks as a solution

    Promotion of innovative procurement and experimentation and the influence of regulation

    Development of ecosystems in the city region and its business areas in close cooperation with enterprises (e.g. ECO3, Taraste, Hiedanranta, LEMENE, etc.)

    Taking sustainable development into account as a perspective in all focal points

    New operating environments that combine innovation, sustainable development and life cycle thinking

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