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    Economic development strategy follow-up – International growth of intangible value creation and the experience industry

    The Tampere region will be turned into a major European hub of audiovisual business by 2025. Events, intangible business value creation and digital solutions combined with the growing value chain of service business operations will make the region a national leader. Tampere will contribute to the creation of a growth agreement for the audiovisual sector and its objectives, driven by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, intending to increase the entire value chain of the sector from the current annual turnover of €1.3 billion.

    The experience industry also includes the Tampere region’s international recognition, sustainable tourism and international congresses, which help to strengthen the region’s business life and experiences.

    The goal is for successful companies to invest in the city region, create jobs and tax revenue, and thereby promote the well-being of the city region and increase its attractiveness with their internationally successful end products.

    1. Finland’s Sustainable Growth Programme promotes the recovery, renewal and sustainable growth of the creative economy.
    2. One of the focal points of the Tampere region’s smart specialisation strategy is culture and the digital experience economy.
    3. In the city’s 2030 strategy, Tampere is seen as a hub of international events, congresses and audiovisual business and as the best business environment for entrepreneurship.
    4. Digital ways of experiencing make it possible to innovate in many sectors other than the creative industries. Promoting the creative economy requires a change of mindset in economic policy.

    1. Profiling the city region through international audiovisual productions, evolving infrastructure and know-how as well as flagship projects.
    2. Economic policy measures to double the sector’s turnover over the next five years.
    3. Particular emphasis on the development of international, scalable business relating to intellectual property rights and the building of innovative financing models.
    4. The international recognition of the Tampere region grows through media measures and campaigns.
    5. International business events will be attracted to Tampere in cooperation with Nokia Arena, Tampere Hall, TESC and hotel chains.
    6. Bringing together creative and other fields, for example, through experiments and development projects.

    What has been said about the theme

    In addition to having a manufacturing industry, it would be smart to genuinely recognise the significance of intangible value creation and IPR development as well as the creative, game and event industries, also in the economic development strategy.

    There will be great opportunities for growth in digital ways of experiencing and living. — There is an opportunity to enter a new and unknown growth sector, which has not yet been recognised. By setting our sights high and pushing together, we could be able to achieve something really new and big.

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