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    The ecocomic development strategy of the Tampere Region

    The economic development vision of the Tampere Region until 2025 is titled “Superior capacity for renewal – sustainable growth”. This website is your guide to the strategy.

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    Follow-up and assessment of the economic development strategy of the Tampere city region – supplementary guidelines 2022–2025.

    In 2022, in the middle of the strategy period, the business environment is different in many ways compared to the end of 2019. When the strategy was adopted, it was agreed that its timeliness and effectiveness would be assessed midway through the period. The needs for updating were identified and the strategy was assessed on the basis of self-assessment and development goals through document analyses, interviews and an online survey between November 2021 to March.

    The interviews and survey results show that the economic development strategy is still considered to be up to date. The strategic objectives and focal points are seen to have been translated into practical activities, and the strategy is estimated to have a fairly high or evolving effectiveness.

    Download the strategy 2021-2025 document

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