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    Cyber Security

    AI and machine learning transform the cybersecurity landscape

    Tampere region is known for its strong ICT know-how and cluster of companies. Digital solutions have been developed for almost 50 years in the region and the sector continues to grow. The business is characterised by internationalisation, rapid technology evolution and digitalisation.

    The Tampere city region knowledge hub includes 2,200 software companies. The number of companies in the sector has more than doubled since 2010. The growth is based on internationalisation, rapid technological development and digitalisation. The development in the Tampere region is based on Nokia’s and then Microsoft’s mobile phone business, the end of which in 2016 provided a skilled workforce for the ICT sector and created new businesses.

    Cybersecurity refers to technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks, software and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Technological developments influence the development of cybersecurity solutions. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can significantly change the cybersecurity landscape. Examples of the services provided by the industry in region:

    • Cyber security, authentication, firewall and certificate services.
    • Technical cyber security audits and certifications.
    • Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services.
    • Secure data center services.
    • Design of hardware and software with high security requirements.
    • Consulting services related to privacy legislation.

    In networked, smart machines, the importance of security is emphasised

    As digitalisation and networking increase, the requirements of security also grow more marked. Modern work machines and processes that meet the needs of sustainable development utilise automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence solutions to an increasing extent. The region’s strong ICT expertise and numerous leading companies in digitalisation provide excellent conditions for their development. The business field in the city region covers competence needs from sensors to AI, IoT and data analytics, computer vision and imaging solutions, predictive maintenance solutions, virtual reality opportunities, cybersecurity and data security.

    Safe mobility focuses on data, automated driving and positioning

    Tampere is one of the leading cities in Europe where the public and private sector join forces to create a sustainable and safe transport environment. The city acts as a test environment for intelligent solutions that improve the smoothness, predictability, safety and efficiency of the transport system. There are autonomous driving pilots under way in the city region, backed up by an intelligent traffic light system, intelligent street lights and strong sensor expertise in the region. Several ongoing development projects are focused on creating a comprehensive real-time picture of traffic. In addition, new innovations and smooth mobility solutions are being created by combining indoor and outdoor positioning. The proliferation of networked solutions also highlights the need for cybersecurity.

    Example of expertise in the region: Insta – a pioneer in safe digitalisation

    Insta Group Oy is an expert organisation in industrial automation, industrial digitalisation, cybersecurity and defence technology that helps its customers develop and ensure the performance and results of their operations. Insta is a Finnish family business that provides customers operating in challenging fields with innovative technology and service solutions. The company has grown from a basement workshop in 1960 to a technology group with over a thousand employees and a pioneer in safe digitalisation.

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