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    Tampere Region Safety and Security Ecosystem

    Together, we can make the Tampere region into an internationally recognised and attractive centre for excellence in safety and security, where companies are best placed to create new pioneering solutions. Safety and security are one of the themes of the Tampere city’s Smart Tampere programme.


    Tampere Region's safety and security expertise in the spotlight

    The Tampere region has a wide range of expertise in the safety and security field, and a large number of well-known companies. In the ecosystem, safety and security is widely understood as a cross-sectoral theme.

    The safety and security ecosystem aims to:

    • bring together security and safety sector companies in the Tampere region,
    • help them find new business opportunities, and
    • promote the safety and security expertise of the region, both nationally and internationally.

    VIDEO: What Tampere has to offer for companies operating in safety and security industries

    The Tampere Region has a wide range of expertise in the safety and security. See what the key actors in the sector have to say about  say about the cluster and the Tampere city region as a business location.

    Tampere Region as a business location

    Are you looking for partners in safety and security?

    The Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster brings together actors in the safety and security sectors. The network of public authorities, researchers and other actors in the sector, which started in 2011, has created good conditions for cooperation between safety and security actors in the city region. The aim is to involve the companies of the safety and security ecosystem more closely in these activities.

    Together, we can make the Tampere region into an internationally recognised and attractive centre of excellence in safety and security, where companies are best placed to create new pioneering solutions.


    Talking points

    Defense Industry - Securing National Security and Creating Growth

    The defense industry has an important societal significance in terms of national security, military resilience, as well as export and employment perspectives.

    In Pirkanmaa, there is a nearly century-long history in the defense industry. Both the largest companies in the field and significant actors from the Finnish Defense Forces and other public sector organizations, as well as research and educational institutions in the field, have established themselves in the Tampere metropolitan area for strategic and operational reasons.

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    The Smart City as a Platform for Security Innovations

    A sustainably growing city provides a unique innovation environment for multidisciplinary development in security, such as event security and intelligent mobility.

    Tampere has been the birthplace of many nationally significant solutions promoting everyday security and international export products, such as the 112 Suomi mobile application, ERICA emergency center information system, Koronavilkku mobile application, as well as the personal identification card and passport system.

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    Safe Intelligent Industry

    The Tampere region is internationally recognized as one of the best places in the world for developing intelligent machines. The metropolitan area is home to ten global market leaders in their respective fields, engaged in product development, innovation activities, and manufacturing. There are over 3,000 companies operating in the technology industry in the Pirkanmaa region.

    Modern, sustainable work machines and processes increasingly leverage automation, digitalization, and artificial intelligence solutions to meet the needs of sustainable development. As digitalization and connectivity continue to advance, the importance of safety requirements is further emphasized.

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    AI and machine learning transform the cybersecurity landscape

    As digitization and connectivity continue to grow, the importance of security requirements is becoming more prominent. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reshape the cybersecurity landscape.

    The Tampere metropolitan area is a hub of expertise, with 2,200 software companies. The region’s business landscape covers the skill needs ranging from sensors to AI, IoT, and data analytics, computer vision solutions and imaging, predictive maintenance solutions, virtual reality possibilities, as well as cyber and information security.

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    Why Tampere

    Tampere is the industrial capital of Finland. For more than a hundred years, Tampere has been a location where machines have been built for various applications. Today, the region is thriving through technology. The fields of mobile networks and game technology, for example, have created a new vivid startup scene in Tampere.

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