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    Economic development strategy follow-up – Best business environment for industrial solutions with a high carbon handprint and responsible business

    By 2025, the reputation of the Tampere region as a producer of industrial solutions with a high carbon handprint and an attractive operating environment for responsible business will be strengthened. This requires improving the affordable availability of renewable and zero-emission electricity and biogas as well as developing the innovation ecosystem of energy solutions (including energy storage). The channelling of EU funding to the region in support of the green transition can also help to support, for example, industry suffering from the end of exports to Russia.

    1. The objective of Finland’s Sustainable Growth Programme is to promote the reduction of industrial emissions, increase resource efficiency and promote handprint solutions.
    2. According to the reshaping industry strategy, Finland will be a global pioneer in industrial climate change solutions with a high carbon handprint by 2030.
    3. The Tampere region’s smart specialisation aims for leadership in industrial solutions with a high carbon handprint.
    4. Leading industrial companies in the city region have made significant investments in the green transition and developed handprint solutions.
    5. The need for an ecosystem that enables sufficient supply of green and affordable energy and biogas.
    6. EU funding that promotes the green transition and responds to business needs must be channelled to the city region.

    1. Project activation, securing direct EU funding for green transition responding to business needs and promoting green investments.
    2. High carbon handprint more visible in the image of both the industry and the city region.
    3. Development of an energy system and infrastructure to meet emission reduction needs.
    4. Think tank: assessing regional strategic opportunities – the role in hydrogen economy, energy communities and regional energy solutions.
    5. Ensuring sufficient supply of green, affordable energy and biogas will help the green transition and increase self-sufficiency.
    6. Benchmarking, encouraging encounters and supporting peer learning.

    What has been said about the theme

    The climate, carbon neutrality, paying more attention to it, the change and transformation of forms of energy, the lack of clean energy. — The price of electricity is now ten times higher. — The green transition has been started too quickly, there is no capacity, it will not happen in an instant, there is no hydrogen yet, I would take these into account.

    EU funding is being used more directly to meet the needs of businesses and has been obtained more efficiently. We need to outline a future where our hopes and needs will match future European developments in terms of regulation and financing policies.

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