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    Studios in the Tampere Region

    The audiovisual industry in Tampere is growing in a rapid speed. Not only is the industry growing but so is the infrastructure as new studio spaces are being built. The Tampere region already has a large network of o professional level studios varying in sizes and features, from small to big and chroma green to empty halls.

    Studios in the Tampere Region are modern and fully equipped for all your audiovisual production needs. They use the latest technology and are suitable also for VR productions. In addition to conventional AV studio spaces, Tampere also has other locations and venues that are suitable for producing audiovisual content. 


    Studio selection in the Tampere region:

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    Ilkka Rahkonen

    Director, Film Tampere

    040 860 3816

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    Antti Toiviainen

    Director, Film Tampere

    +358 40 772 6809

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    Fanny Heinonen

    Specialist, Film Tampere

    +358 40 6655 051

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