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    Film Tampere

    Tampere region provides both artistic and economic value for your production. Film Tampere serves you throughout the whole production and connects you with local resources and professionals.

    Choose Tampere for your next audiovisual production

    Tampere offers a variety of filming locations within short distance. We make use of the latest technology and provide modern soundstage facilities for productions of all sizes. In addition, you will have our network’s top professionals at your service.

    Film Tampere is an economic development program committed to develop the local audiovisual economy, promote the region as a filming location and connect your production with local production services.

    Read more about filming in Tampere.

    Tampere 10-15% regional cash rebate

    The city of Tampere has leveraged the growth of the AV industry by launching a regional production incentive for Tampere.

    The regional cash rebate can be applied for professional entertainment, documentary, drama, movie and VR productions. In addition, the cash rebate can be applied for their pre- and post-production phases.


    VIDEO: Film Tampere - Filming locations in the Tampere region

    Get to know filming locations in the Tampere region!

    The audiovisual industry in Tampere

    Talking points

    Professional crew & services

    Tampere has a large network of local top film professionals who are at your service. Film Tampere’s crew and service network has English speaking film professionals available for all types of  film and tv productions.  

    Production service companies in Tampere offer services for all your production needs, ranging from equipment rentals to casting agencies and everything in between. 

    Please register to our crew database to view the crew members and service providers in the area and to be a part of our network. 

    Modern soundstages

    Here in Tampere, we have some of the largest soundstages in Finland. They are modern and fully equipped using the latest technology. Film Tampere soundstage network consists of many professional studios:

    • Aku’s Factory: full-service production partner for av productions and events. 
    • YLE Mediapolis: The largest media & studio network at your service. 
    • Star Arena: State-of-the-art facilities for corporate events, concerts and other large-scale public events. 

    Learn more about soundstages in the Tampere region from here. 

    Versatile filming locations

    Tampere is a city of one of a kind atmosphere. Red brick industrial heritage, diverse nature and modern cityscapes are all located in one city in between two lakes, Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. 

    What makes Tampere stand out as an ideal city for AV productions is the variety of locations it offers within proximity of each other. From modern sleet architecture to historical wooden living quarters, Tampere’s unique scenery is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also offers a variety of narrative and artistic opportunities for AV productions.  

    Learn more about filming locations in the Tampere Region.

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