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    Tampere, Finland works towards being a significant international production city

    antti toiviainen 2
    Mr. Antti Toiviainen

    Three years ago, the City of Tampere set the goal of becoming a significant production city. Now the goal is well under its way with dozens of productions last year, for example Hollywood film production Dual and Finnish tv series Komisario Koskinen. Now it is the time for the next step.

    In the future Tampere, the most loved city of Finland, will focus on the international market. To achieve the new goal Film Tampere strengthens power with a new Development Director – Antti Toiviainen.

    – I wanted to get a fresh perspective and focus more on international operations. My growing, evolving and beloved hometown was perfect for this. I believe I can help Tampere develop into an even more interesting, entrepreneur-friendly and international production city. I will help companies in the audiovisual sector to grow in international circles. My experience and contacts in Finland and internationally will offer interesting opportunities, Antti Toiviainen says.

    Antti Toiviainen has previously worked as CEO of SF Studios in Helsinki from 2008 to 2013. After that he worked at the company's headquarters in Stockholm where he was responsible for the Nordic distribution and the Nordic productions. In 2020 Toiviainen, together with Otava and investors, founded Aurora Studios, a distribution and production company for films and TV series.

    Film Tampere develops the local audiovisual economy, promotes the region as a filming location and connects productions with production services.

    In the future Film Tampere will also help more and more international productions to find funding and production partners in Finland. For example this year Tampere will host pitching events with international partners. In addition, Film Tampere is working to develop the industry's agency network and sales and productization expertise.

    The operations in Tampere are based on national observations and the government's goal to increase the size of the film industry.

    – Tampere is setting an excellent example by implementing in practice the goals set out in the roadmap for creative industries and by taking concrete actions, says Timoteus Tuovinen, DMF Business design consultant.

    Ilkka Rahkonen, Director at Film Tampere, is pleased about the direction where Tampere is going. Hard work is paying off.

    – At the moment our audiovisual companies are very busy, their order books are full and there is a shortage of experts. We want to continue working for the growth and internationalization of the film industry. We are excited to have an experienced and respected expert who shares our vision, says Ilkka Rahkonen.

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