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    City of Tampere Increases AV Production Incentive Budget for 2024

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    The production incentive is granted annually to approximately 20 film or TV productions. Photo: Mediawan Finland Oy, Piiritys

    The City of Tampere has decided to increase its Audio-Visual (AV) production incentive budget for the year 2024. The mayor's budget proposal has raised the funds by €100,000. The final approval of this budget will be given by the City Council on November 13, 2023.

    The criteria for granting Tampere's production incentive, which stands at 10 %, have also been updated. The aim is to make Tampere's production incentive system more impactful and appealing to international productions. The revised criteria will take effect from the beginning of 2024, but they will not apply to productions that started in 2023 and conclude in 2024, having already submitted their incentive applications.

    A discretionary marketing support can range from 0-5 % of the region's production costs and will be integrated into the AV incentive granting process. The granting of marketing support will prioritize foreign productions and those that provide significant reputational and economic benefits to Tampere.

    Productions applying for the incentive must meet the general conditions of the AV incentive, which can be found on Business Tampere's website

    The updated discretionary granting criteria for the 10 % production incentive are:

    • Internationality: International funding, distribution, or publicity received by the production that promotes the strategic goals of the City of Tampere.
    • City Image: At least 50 % of filming days must take place in the Tampere region.
    • Production Scale and Regional Economic Benefit: The goal is to attract larger productions to the area.
    • VFX Productions: Up to 25 % of the total incentive funds can be allocated to VFX productions, with a focus on those filming in the Tampere region.

    All criteria do not need to be met simultaneously. A comprehensive assessment of the city's strategic goals and the benefits to the local creative ecosystem will determine the granting of the production incentive.

    A single production can apply for the AV production incentive only once. This does not apply to new production seasons or film sequels. Any potential film production associated with a TV series must be included in the original application. If it's a standalone production entity, a separate application must be submitted for the AV production incentive.

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