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    Finland’s largest film equipment rental house opens a branch office in Tampere

    film crew in action
    Valofirma – The Light House CEO Jani Lehtinen praises the Tampere Region: there is a variety of locations available, beautiful urban environments and short distances. Photo: Film Tampere archives.

    Audiovisual industry strengthens in Tampere, Finland, as the country’s largest film equipment rental house Valofirma opens a branch office in Tampere. According to the local film commission Film Tampere, this is yet another sign that Tampere is becoming an international centre of audiovisual productions.

    Valofirma (aka The Light House) is Finland’s largest and most international film equipment rental house. The main office is situated in the capital Helsinki, with over 3000 sq m of premises; three studios and plenty of room for storing the rental equipment.

    The company has been examining very closely Tampere’s development in the AV field.

    – We’ve had a service point in Tampere, and now we are gearing up and opening our branch office there. This is a major step for us, says Valofirma CEO Jani Lehtinen.

    This proves that right things have been done when developing the audiovisual industry in the Tampere Region. Lehtinen thinks that the regional production incentive, introduced in 2018, has had the biggest impact.

    – The incentive attracts productions to the region, and Valofirma wants to be where the business is. Also, the Tampere Region has invested significantly in audiovisual education which is another sign of commitment to AV development, says Lehtinen

    Film Tampere: building region’s AV credibility

    According to Fanny Heinonen, Specialist at Film Tampere, Valofirma’s latest news is an excellent booster for Tampere’s journey towards becoming  a centre of AV productions of an international scale. 

    – When the most trusted film equipment rental house chooses to be in Tampere permanently, it will increase the region’s credibility as a production location. Especially as Valofirma has a solid international experience, says Heinonen.

    Valofirma has a diverse customer base extending from small companies producing commercials and brand films, to big international names as Valofirma’s end customers.

    – In January, a TV series for Apple was shot in Inari. Currently there is a Netflix production happening in the Swedish Lapland as well as a number of national productions. Later this year, more globally known brands are coming to Finland to shoot their productions, says Lehtinen.

    Fanny Heinonen, Jani Lehtinen
    Valofirma organised an interesting Masterclass during the Tampere Film Festival 2023. Pictured: Specialist Fanny Heinonen of Film Tampere and CEO Jani Lehtinen of Valofirma. Photo: Satu Meronen.

    Location in Mediapolis, Tampere

    Opening an office in Tampere was decided by Valofirma after careful consideration and one-and-half years of planning. Their aim was to obtain a central and permanent address in Mediapolis Tampere. This has actualised now.

    – Mediapolis is a suitable home base for us. There is, for example our customer YLE – The Finnish Broadcasting Company, studio facilities and AV education, says Lehtinen.

    The Tampere equipment storage will be adapted to the needs of the local market, and it is possible to bring more equipment from Helsinki to supply bigger productions.

    Valofirma is an active developer in the AV field

    Lehtinen emphasises the need to improve the environmental responsibility of film productions and changing processes when needed. The ability to monitor and report environmental impact is especially important, because major international customers have strict environmental responsibility criteria. 

    Another driver for development is, as Lehtinen states, Valofirma’s passion for the moving pictures. Film industry jobs are craft professions, where learning is continuous and real competence is born from experience.

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