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    Tampere Production Incentive

    Tampere offers regional 10-15% cash rebate for av productions in the region

    Tampere production incentive is a 10-15 % cash rebate which can be granted of the production’s total budget which is spent in the Tampere region. The incentive granted by the city of Tampere is operated by Film Tampere, that is a part of Business Tampere’s industrial ecosystems. The grant is discretionary.

    Tampere production incentive includes two parts: a 10 % fundamental element that is given as a discretionary decision, and a possibility to apply for a 2,5 or 5 % subsidy that can be given to the production based on the international publicity and visibility of the city of Tampere.

    The production incentive is eligible for both foreign and international entertainment, drama, documentary, film, TV and virtual reality productions. Before applying the production must have 50 % of the budget in place and a professional distributor onboard. In 2024 the overall budget of the incentive is one million euros.

    In 2024 the decision process of the incentive was made discretionary. In the evaluation process we take in consideration the internationality of the production, the visibility of Tampere region and the spend in the region. It was also decided in 2024 that maximum of 25 % of the whole yearly budget of Film Tampere can be given to VFX productions. Please read the updated general terms and conditions here.

    In addition to the fundamental incentive you can apply for a subsidy of either 2,5 or 5 %. This subsidy focuses on strengthening the international visibility of Tampere region. In addition to this term we will look at the production’s effects on the image that the production has on Tampere, the spend and communal impact of the production. The subsidy is applied together with the actual incentive. Please read the terms and conditions of the subsidy here.

    Qualified costs are the ones that are spent in Tampere region, including the costs which arise from planning and post-production of the project, and ‘other costs’ of maximum 20 % of the total sum of salaries and purchases. Other eligible costs (20 %) which do not have to be itemized, may include for example travel expenses to Tampere.

    Eligible costs are: 

    • Purchases of goods and services
    • Equipment and location rentals
    • Accommodation, local transportation and catering costs
    • Salaries subject to withholding tax, paid to employees in Tampere region
    • Other costs (flat rate) max. 20% of the total sum of salaries and purchases

    There is no minimum spend requirement for Tampere’s cash rebate. 

    (General terms and conditions updated 01/2024)

    Apply now! Contact: and ask for the application. To eligible to apply, the production needs to have at least 50% of the finance secured and valid distribution agreement.

    Finland’s 25% cash rebate 

    It is possible to combine Tampere’s regional 10–15 % cash rebate with Finland’s 25 % cash rebate, for up to 40 % cash rebate for your production. Qualifying production formats for Finland’s cash rebate are feature films, documentary films, scripted TV drama and animation. Both Finnish and foreign productions can apply for Finland’s cash rebate, however, for a foreign recipient it is required that the recipient holds a written service contract with a production coordinator who has a Finnish business ID.

    Minimum requirements for funding are as follows: 


    Read more about Finland’s cash rebate:  Production Incentive - Business Finland 

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