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    “The most interesting city of events and experiences in Northern Europe, known for its courage and sustainable growth.”

    The Tampere region’s tourism vision boldly looks forward to 2025.  The region offers visitors breath-taking destinations and services. Travellers enter the area and hope that the services of interest to them will be easy to reach. Tourists — or tourist euros — know no municipal borders. There must also be no limits to cooperation and development in tourism.

    Our growing region and environment are changing rapidly. People move around more and share different views and experiences with each other.  The constant change in our built environment enables and supports the emergence of a diverse urban culture. New functions and the mixing of functions create a layered, multifaceted and multicultural life.

    The competitiveness of our region and tourism companies requires sustainable growth and opportunities to create new business and develop existing business. Growth means better sales and market share, increased value and size, the creation of networks and the development and sharing of know-how. New international markets are an integral part of growth.

    Courage and reform are essential for growth. Sustainable growth takes into account the economic, socio-cultural and ecological effects while protecting and, at the same time, building development opportunities for the future. Responsible behaviour is an increasingly important factor for customers.

    Visit Tampere Olympia Kortteli Muusa restaurant Laura Vanzo 40


    “Visit Tampere’s mission is to raise international awareness of the Tampere region and help developing tourism companies and communities grow.”

    Visit Tampere’s mission, its ‘house rules’, consists of two mutually reinforcing elements: opportunities to create new business and develop existing business, and raising awareness of the region through marketing and communication.

    We want to help development-oriented and -capable tourism enterprises and operators to grow internationally. This requires us to build a new kind of partnership and have genuine interaction. In order to grow, our partners need to take risks, develop new services and products and be willing to leverage modern technologies, such as digital services, which can improve productivity and customer orientation and reach new customer groups.

    Increasing the profile of the Tampere region and the number of tourists and visitors is a common goal of Visit Tampere and our partners. Visit Tampere’s role is to market our region as a city of events and as a travel destination. The primary task is to get tourists interested in our region before they arrive. Visit Tampere’s focus is on international markets.

    Companies are responsible for marketing their own services and products both domestically and internationally.

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