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    How to start building your networks in Tampere?

    One of Talent Tampere's primary purposes is to create opportunities between talents and companies in the Tampere region. We see that wider networks offer wider possibilities. Hence we encourage you to start networking and building bridges immediately, and to really focus on using your existing networks effectively. Visit professional events of your own field, engage in voluntary work or apply for mentoring activities. Bear in mind that voluntary work may affect your unemployment benefit.

    Thinking about Finland and Tampere as a place to live, study, network or do business?

    • Read about Finland, its society and culture. If you've only just heard about Tampere, and wish to know more about life in our beautiful city, please have a look at our introduction at the Living section. Click here to redirect to Living.
    • Acquaint yourself with the Finnish work culture and the Finnish work-life balance. Click here to redirect to Working. If you are interested to study or conduct research in Tampere, click here to learn more: Studying in Tampere
    • Take care of the most essential permits and legal documents. There are certain amount of paperwork that every job seeker has to have prepared before applying for positions. Click here to see the most essential Permits and Practicalities.

    Get your networking in Tampere started! We encourage you to

    When you are familiar with how the system works and have all your official documents sorted, you may proceed to the following:

    • Update your CV and cover letter. Use your imagination - try to make your profile stand out. As an example: if you are seeking a position in marketing, your CV has to highlight your visual skills.
    • Follow us on our social medias (LinkedIn, Twitter @TalentTampere). If you do not have Linkedin, we encourage you to create one right away. You may write an introduction on yourself on the Talent Tampere LinkedIn page. Click here to redirect to Talent Tampere LinkedIn. 
    • To frequently take a look at the and websites for internationalisation events and other possibilities to meet new people. Click here to redirect to
    • Contact employers directly. You can contact interesting organisations directly and ask if they have vacancies. A large number of vacancies are hidden jobs. These vacancies are not advertised publicly; employers look for employees through their own networks. You can call the employer directly or send an open job application by email. Many companies also offer online open job application forms on their websites.
    • Be active. There are plenty of opportunities for those who do a bit of searching.
      • Contact private employment agencies directly. Take a look at the following "Guidebook for Employers" - it may give you good tips for your own job hunting. Click here to open document. 
      • Contact your local Employment and Economic Development Agencies (TE-keskus). They provide talents with with guidance on employment seeking and information on vacancies and trainings. Click here to locate your TE-office
      • TreStart: The city’s innovation platform helps talents find job opportunities in the city region. TreStart organises different meetings and training sessions and also give individual help for jobseekers. For more information click yourself to the TreStart home pages by clicking here TreStart. You may also contact TreStart at

    We hope that this list will get you started in your networking voyage. Click here to see a more detailed list of possibilities from the Infopankki - Where to find work section. 

    If you have any questions about job seeking, matchmaking or starting your professional career in Tampere, please contact us at Talent Tampere.

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