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Talent Tampere TUT Students celebrating Vappu 2017 by Laura Vanzo
Studying in Tampere Tampere is the most wanted student city among Finns. Almost every fifth person you come across in Tampere is a student.
Talent Tampere Metso main library Laura Vanzo
Services for Students The new Tampere University will have more centralised capabilities to assist and facilitate all sorts of students from all fields of study.
Talent Tampere TUT Researcher at work by Opa Latvala
Services for Researchers On January 1st in 2019 the activities, personnel, students, assets and services of the two universities will be transferred to the new Tampere University.
Talent Tampere Tampere Ambassador Van Truong Thuy
Student Ambassadors Meet the Student Ambassadors - the links between the university and the community.
Talent Tampere TAMK students working in laboratory
Universities in Tampere Whether you are looking to pursue professional goals or your academic vision, we have the right place for you. In Tampere almost every fifth person is a student.
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