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Talent Tampere Rekrytori talents by Laura Vanzo

Professional opportunities in the Tampere Region

The Tampere region is growing and developing, and so are the opportunities it holds. Here is an introduction to the current Finnish job market.
Business Tampere Startup Tampere banner picture

Startup Tampere and Startup Residence Permit

The decision to start your own business is a huge one, but it is always a good idea to investigate all the possibilities.
Talent Tampere Rekrytori TREDU stand by Laura Vanzo

Professional checklist for job seekers

Do you have questions about how employers evaluate job applicants and on which they are focusing on when selecting candidates? This list may help you get started.
Talent Tampere - Happy father holding a baby on Viikinsaari island with Hopealinjat ferry behind them, by Laura Vanzo

Work-life balance

Weeks of paid holidays annually. Sounds too good to be true? Finns take their work and free time very seriously.
Talent Tampere Amin Bakht a real Tampere person

Tampere, Finland – a place to put down roots

Lighting Artist Amin Bakht was a part of the team behind the special effects for the Finnish blockbuster movie The Unknown Soldier. Read Amin's full interview here.
Sparraushetki yrittäjäkollegoiden kesken.

Business Mentoring

Talent Tampere networks organise and facilitate different events and pilots for immigrant entrepreneurs. Click here for more info.
Hidden Gems Project Discover the Hidden Potential Background Photo bright purple colours

Private: Hidden Gems – From idealization to realization!

Tampere University becomes pioneer in dual-career support with a completely new approach. Let us introduce you to the role of spouses when it comes to talent attraction and retention.
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