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    Funding counselling help desk and funding clinic

    Business Tampere Financial Helpdesk offers company-specific assistance in matters related to planning or applying for financing, as well as advice on finding suitable financiers for each situation. The service is intended as a short-term “first aid” in financial matters and issues.

    The help desk can provide answers to questions such as the following:

    • What kinds of funding instruments are available and how to apply for funding?
    • Where to get funding for your company’s growth and internationalization?
    • How to approach different financiers?


    Helpdesk service is available to companies in the Tampere region area that aim for growth and internationalization. An individual company with a business ID can receive free advice for max. 2 hours. Counseling takes place remotely over the phone and digital channels. The service offered by Business Tampere is provided by financial expert Tuomas Maisala ( Oy).

    How to contact?

    Contact us via the following channels:
    Financial issues:
    Financial expert Tuomas Maisala
    tel. +358 (0)44 766 7000

    Book a helpdesk slot from Tuomas Maisala ›› 

    There are many sources of funding for a company, so it is not easy to get an overall picture. In the application for funding for example these matters are highlighted: the stage, sector, readiness of the company, the priorities of the financiers, and the alignment and availability of public instruments. These allow us to find answers to questions related to planning or applying for financing for your company, as well as to find suitable financiers.


    Business Tampere’s funding clinic as an extension of the help desk

    In addition to the funding help desk service, a start-up or growth company operating in the Tampere region can make use of Business Tampere’s free-of-charge funding clinic service. You can book the first funding clinic appointment (1 h), during which the company’s situation will be mapped and suitable follow-up measures proposed.

    Book a funding clinic slot from Tapio Siik

    Information is processed in accordance with the Business Tampere helpdesk privacy statement and the Business Tampere privacy statement. By using the Helpdesk service, the customer accepts both privacy statements.


    Helpdesk mainly covers short-term advisory work related to financing issues max. 2 hours per company with business ID. At the moment, counselling also exceptionally covers funding advice which is needed due to COVID-19. A separate discussion appointment may be booked to answer a wider question or one needing more background information. If necessary, a follow-up discussion appointment will be agreed to ensure that the matter is resolved.


    If the question cannot be answered immediately, the aim is to complete the service request within a few working days. Due to the hour quota allocated for the help desk service, the availability of the service may need to be restricted.


    The helpdesk can help with individual funding-related documents, but it is not a consultancy service that produces funding applications, investor presentations or similar expert work performances. Nor does the service include legal advice, for example in relation to the terms and conditions of investment contracts.


    Funding-related questions are company-specific in nature. Questions are handled confidentially, but the use of the service (look Business Tampere helpdesk privacy statement) is recorded for general service reporting.


    Messages and conversations between the service provider and the company using the service may be recorded in the communication services used. The service provider deletes chat conversations and e-mails sent by the client upon request.


    The client is solely responsible for decisions concerning their company and the consequences thereof. Business Tampere and the service providers ( Oy, Fimentum Oy ja Spinverse Oy) do not guarantee that the information, advice and service offered by the service providers are faultless and correct.


    Business Tampere and the service providers are not in any way liable for damage caused by incorrect advice or instructions given by the help desk or by the incorrect operation of the tool. Business Tampere and the service providers are also not in any way liable for any indirect damage caused to the client. Limitations of liability do not apply to damage caused deliberately or through serious negligence.

    The funding counselling package is part of the 6Aika Ecosystems of Growth project, with the support of which the service package has been established and launched.

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    Tapio Siik

    Senior Business Advisor, Funding & Team Leader, Scaleup Team

    +358 40 568 1483

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