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    Innovation environment and platforms

    Tampere Region is the European forerunner of innovation platforms. The entire City of Tampere is a platform for smart city development, where new solutions are sought for housing, transport and services.

    New launches include complementary building in the city center, opening up the city data reserves for application and service developers, a block of life-cycle living, smart street lighting as well as the implementation of the city tramline and the first electric bus route in Finland.

    Procurement processes and models

    New procurement practices and models are also being tested in Tampere through pilot procurement. In development work, procurement planning will be opened more than before to residents, service users, companies and those operating in the third sector. Furthermore, procurement models which allow companies more opportunities to introduce their own innovations to procurement will be developed.

    For companies, innovative public procurement is an opportunity to highlight and refine their own ideas. The solution created by the company can be tested in, for example, one district at first; simultaneously, the company will gain a reference that is actually in use.

    • Are you interested in what kind of topical procurement processes are about to start in the Tampere City Region?
    • Would you like to introduce your product or service?
    • Do you want to open a dialogue with the people responsible for procurement in the city?

    Find out ongoing projects from the Smart Tampere website.

    Innovative procurement in the City of Tampere

    Thanks to successful innovative procurement, city residents can get a better return for the taxes they pay. When the model works as a whole, their voices are heard already when the services and products to be procured are planned.

    The goal is to develop the procurement activities of the City of Tampere so that innovative procurement, the implementation of elements thereof as well as searching for innovative solutions are part of the everyday procurement process of the city. Development takes place as shared activities of several units and experts, thus disseminating the innovative procurement methods to the city’s procurement practices already during the project.

    The City of Tampere has raised procurement and market development as one the most important TOP 10 structural changes outlined by the City Board aimed at adjusting the activities of the city to the changes taking place in the operating environment.

    Innovation platforms generate results

    There is a large number of innovative platforms in the Tampere region helping businesses to develop their concepts, processes, products and services.

    Innovation platforms operate on the basis of open co-operation, which is implemented and facilitated between those operating in the public, private or third sectors in order to develop new products and services.

    Innovation platforms offer:

    • companies the opportunity to develop and pilot new concepts,
    • students the chance to implement actual development projects with clients and
    • cities the possibility to network with service developers.

    Business Tampere connects the ideas of companies and the needs of the municipalities in the city region as well as organising opportunities for early-stage piloting. Orchestrating of the business and innovation ecosystems is also on Business Tampere's agenda because, often, the implementation of ideas requires co-operation.

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    Jari Ikonen

    Senior Business Advisor, Smart Mobility

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    Markku Niemi

    Director, Smart City

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