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    Testbeds – Construction and circular economy

    Construction and circular economy testbeds in Tampere region

    There are several testing environments and platforms in the Tampere metropolitan area that companies and organizations can utilize. Platforms can be different operating environments, such as physical spaces, online services, meeting places, or events.

    On this page, we have listed the construction and circular economy test platforms found in the Tampere region.

    You can view the testbeds of industry, health technology, and mobility, 5G and IoT, AI, and security on their own pages.

    Innovative Hiedanranta serves as a development platform for experiments and projects that promote smart technology, sustainability, and the circular economy.

    Organization: City of Tampere

    Type: Neighborhood

    Link: https://smarttampere.fi/en/develop/future-city-district-2/

    The area of new industrial wood construction, renewable energy, and smart solutions.

    Organization: City of Tampere

    Type: Neighborhood

    Link: https://smarttampere.fi/en/develop/wood-construction/



    The nationally outstanding cluster offers location and demonstration and pilot environment for companies.

    Organization: City of Nokia, City of Tampere, Ylöjärven Yrityspalvelu Oy and Business Tampere

    Type: Area of ​​operation

    Eco3: https://eco3.fi/en/

    Kolmenkulma: https://kolmenkulma.fi/en

    Taraste area offers opportunities for RD in the circular economy.

    Organization: Tarasten kiertotalousalue Oy

    Type: Area of ​​operation

    Link: https://www.taraste.fi/


    Self-sufficient smart energy-producing system to guarantee the supply of energy in the area.

    Organization: Lempäälän Energia Oy

    Type: Area of ​​operation

    Link: http://www.lempaalanenergia.fi/content/en/1/10005/Frontpage.html

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