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    Access to the safety and security innovation network

    We safeguard the digitalising society and industry together

    Tampere is the most popular place in Finland to live and study. There are nearly 50,000 students in the Tampere city region. In addition to future talents, the city region attracts experts and companies. The Tampere region forms an attractive industrial innovation platform for business. 80% of Finnish industry are located within a two-hour drive, 80% of the country’s patent applications are filed there and 80% of Finland’s RDI investments are made there. The city region holds 200 growth-oriented startup companies and a vibrant startup ecosystem.

    Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster offers a door to diverse, low-threshold security cooperation

    The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency, Business Tampere, coordinates the activities of the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster. Within the framework of the cluster, various events are held where members receive up-to-date information and opportunities for networking.

    Through projects, greater strides can be taken in the development of safety and security innovations. The innovation platforms and RDI infrastructures support joint and participatory development, such as the joint Cybersecurity Laboratories for Smart Industry (KyLÄ) project of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, which aims to build a joint innovation and development platform for industrial cyber security in which companies can also participate.

    Business Tampere offers business services, links innovation actors and promotes the emergence of EU projects

    Business Tampere offers free-of-charge services to companies operating or located in the Tampere city region to support innovation and business. The development company links companies to innovation actors and ecosystems, and activates and coordinates RDI projects. For example, Business Tampere acts as a coordinator for ERDF/ESF-funded projects and activates the preparation of EU projects together with other cluster member organisations.

    The City of Tampere and Business Tampere are involved in EU projects offering opportunities for experimentation. STARDUST is an EU Horizon 2020 Smart Cities project in which the City of Tampere has, among other things, developed an intelligent street lighting control system. The intelligent control system not only adapts dynamically to light conditions, but also offers the flexibility to add new sensors for increased safety. The City of Tampere identifies and develops the City IoT platform and promotes opportunities for the use of transport and city big data in innovation and business in a 6Aika project.

    The Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience (SURE) project (2019–2023) aims to improve the preparedness for security threats related to events by developing cooperation between event organisers as well as cooperation tools. The project has served as a platform for the development and testing of security innovations and for cooperation between the public and private sectors. SURE offers an innovative holistic approach to urban safety, something that has not yet been implemented anywhere else.

    Business Tampere will continue to actively promote the emergence of similar innovative flagship projects together with the actors of the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster.

    Diverse piloting opportunities for smart safety solutions in event environments

    Coordinated by Business Tampere, the regional safety and security ecosystem offers experimental and piloting environments for smart city safety solutions. There are nine venues suitable for piloting security solutions in Tampere: Särkänniemi amusement park, Särkänniemi event beach, Tampere Hall, Tampere Stadium, Tammela Football Stadium, Tampere Central Square, the station area, the surroundings of Nokia Arena, Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre and the school network.

    Know-how to address the security challenges of a digitalising world

    The Tampere city region has internationally high-quality and multidisciplinary safety and security research and training. The safety and security ecosystem serves as a door for a great deal of knowledge and expertise. A growing business life needs skilled workers. Information enables innovations and innovations enable growing economic activity and a vibrant city region.

    In the Tampere region, security-related education and training is offered by Tampere University, Police University College, Tampere Vocational College Tredu and Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK.

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