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    The Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster addresses the security challenges of the digitalising society

    The mission of the Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster is to secure the digitalising society. The cluster is a low-threshold innovation network for cooperation between educational institutions, the research community, companies, public organisations and NGOs.

    The security cluster works extensively in the areas of comprehensive security

    National security and defense industry

    The Tampere region has almost a century of history with the defence industry. For strategic and operational reasons, the largest companies in the field are located in the Tampere city region, along with significant Finnish Defence Forces and other public sector actors as well as research and education organisations in the field.

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    Smart Secure Societies

    Many nationally significant solutions promoting everyday safety have been developed in Tampere, such as Digia’s 112 Suomi mobile application, Insta DefSec’s Emergency Response Center information system ERICA, Solita’s Koronavilkku mobile application, and Digia’s identity card and passport system.

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    Safe Intelligent Industry

    The Tampere region is internationally renowned for smart mobile machinery and extensive ICT expertise. Ten global market leaders intelligent machinery operate in Tampere city region, all with product development and innovation activities in the region, and almost all of them also have manufacturing there. The technology industry has 3,000 places of business in the Tampere region.

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    Cyber Security

    The Tampere city region knowledge hub includes 2,200 software companies. The business field in the city region covers competence needs from sensors to AI, IoT and data analytics, computer vision and imaging solutions, predictive maintenance solutions, virtual reality opportunities, cybersecurity and data security.

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    Offerings of the safety and security cluster

    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni validointi

    Multidisciplinary safety research

    The Tampere city region has internationally high-quality and multidisciplinary safety and security research. There are currently about 20 safety and security related research projects under way. In addition to academic and commercial research, the cluster serves as a door to a great deal of knowledge and expertise.

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    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni ideointi

    Diverse educational opportunities

    A growing business life needs skilled workers. In the Tampere region, safety and security-related education and training is offered by Tampere University, Police University College, Tampere Vocational College Tredu and Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK.

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    Startup Tampere prosessi ikoni vakiintuminen

    Door to the innovation network

    The Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster opens the door to diverse and low-threshold security cooperation. Joint projects take greater strides in the development of safety and security innovations. Member events offer up-to-date information and networking opportunities.

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