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    The most active startup community in Finland

    Startup Tampere

    Startup Tampere makes running a startup easier. As part of Business Tampere, we offer support for your business, helping it grow faster and scale up in the competitive startup industry – together with a network of people.

    Tampere is the most agile and fastest developing startup city in Finland

    Tampere offers an excellent setting for entrepreneurship and startups. The city actively invests in young entrepreneurs, and the strong local startup culture has created countless success stories in the video game and manufacturing industries as well as health tech, to name a few.

    Startup Tampere and the active local ecosystem facilitate many kinds of collaboration, such as product development, shared workspaces, investments and events.


    Startup Tampere team guides you to the right services and contacts

    To grow and prosper, a company needs to find the right market for its products or services. In addition, a skilled team and sufficient funding are required. The Startup Tampere team works actively scouting, both nationally and internationally, various services and partners available for the startups .

    Strong support from the Startup Tampere team, the startup mentors of the Tampere Region, as well as the international investor contacts and the tightly knit startup community will speed up the growth and success of your company.

    If you are pondering the next step in your growth path, schedule a meeting with Startup Tampere advisor to brainstorm and discuss about the future growth of your business.

    Time to look for funding?

    Once the offering and the team are clear, it is time to look at the funding side. There are many options for funding, varying from risk capital, inlc. angel and venture capital investments, to public financing programmes.

    Business Tampere helps when you have questions on applying or looking for funding. We also provide sparring services e.g. when developing ideas or considering the next steps on your growth path. The services are free of charge. Make an appointment with Tapio Siik, Senior Business Advisor at the Startup Tampere team, and review your company’s situation. Tapio can give you constructive feedback on your plans and a to-do list of things you need to take over as an entrepreneur. The goal is to increase the financial viability of your company, from the perspective of investors.

    Should you have practical question related to filling in funding applications, or something similar, you can reach out to  funding helpdesk. Tommi Pajala from Fimentum will help you find an answer to your question.

    VIDEO: Tips for startup entrepreneurs

    Tampere hosts the most active, vibrant and dynamic startup community in Finland.  Watch the video to get tips from the entrepreneur peers.

    Tampere Region as a business location

    Considering starting a business of your own?

    If you’re just thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or have recently started a business of your own, we have support and services you can benefit from. Find more information about entrepreneurship and the practical services related to starting a business.

    Talking points

    Platform6 – the gateway to Tampere startup ecosystem

    We know it’s rough to build a startup, but we’re here to help you in this rollercoaster journey! Platform6 startup house provides a safe and lean environment built by a passionate community.

    Find out more at



    Join the tribe: the volunteer-driven startup community

    Tribe Tampere is an open community consisting of people dedicated to serve Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tribe operates as a platform. It means creation of value to organizations and individuals by making it easier for them to connect each other in a meaningful way. One way of saying it is it empowers those who try to help others achieve their dreams.

    Visit Tribe Tampere website.


    Startup Tampere brings together investors and growth companies

    Startup Tampere will introduce you to the most promising startups and growth companies in the Tampere Region operating in sectors that are relevant to you. With our help you can network with professionals, expand your portfolio and invest in startups – be a part of the future success stories. We’ll help you find the best companies in the Tampere Region.


    Tampere Business Community – at the heart of networking

    Tampere Business Community (TaBu) provides a digital networking service to reach out to potential customers, investors, employees and partners. Share your thoughts, tips and success stories and build your network in the Startup Tampere group at Tampere Business Community. The most interesting conversations take place at TaBu, you're welcome! Sign up and join


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    Startup Tampere helps companies to grow and go international.
    Contact our Business Tampere advisors to learn more and join the startup community!

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