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    Winse Power from Tampere, Finland admitted into the European Space Agency Business Incubator program

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    Picture: Niko Rautanen

    In the second application round of the year, companies have been selected for the ESA BIC Finland’s business incubator. Among them is Tampere-based Winse Power Oy, who will develop light-based energy and data solutions during the incubator period.

    The international business accelerator is focused on space technology  and enables business growth by providing support for the selected startups.

    – Access to the European Space Agency's incubator proves that the company's operations are internationally competitive and that a product or service based on its technology is feasible, says Senior Business Advisor Tapio Siik from Business Tampere.

    – It gives a lot of credibility for our company when the European Space Agency has stated that our technology is significant and has a market. In the incubator program, we are also able to expand our networks by creating connections through ESA with other companies and actors in the field, says Ville Polojärvi, CEO of Winse Power.

    The European Space Agency's incubator programs are exceptional: they are tailored to each startup individually. The participants can also receive support of up to EUR 85,000 during the incubation period.

    Tampere's strong expertise serves space technology

    Over the years, the Tampere University has developed world-class expertise in, for example, photonics, IoT technologies, sensors and positioning. This is a good foundation for innovations related to space technologies. For example, Winse Power was founded this year to commercialise the development of semiconductor materials and chips.

    – ESA BIC Finland's business incubator is also making it possible, in a way, that the chip technology expertise and manufacturing will remain in Finland. That protects us against supply chains interruptions caused by global crises, says Polojärvi.

    Considering the future application rounds, according to Siik, there are half a dozen companies in the Tampere region that have a good chance of being selected for the European Space Agency’s business incubator.

    – In addition, we have two companies in the Tampere region that have already participated in the European Space Agency's business incubator: Fibrobotics and Missing Link, Siik says.

    The European Space Agency’s incubator activities have been in Finland for almost six years, operated by Aalto University. This year, offices were also established in Tampere at the startup house Platform6, as well as in Vaasa and Turku.

    For more information:

    Ville Polojärvi
    CEO, Winse Power Oy
    +358 44 744 8313

    Tapio Siik
    Senior Business Advisor, funding, Business Tampere
    ESA BIC Finland’s contact in Tampere
     +358 40 568 1483

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