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    XR Challenge seeks virtual reality solutions to Finnish industry challenges and awards winners with 40 000 €

    XR Challenge is an international challenge competition for businesses and students in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. The goal of the contest is to find product and service solutions for global market needs of top 3 Finnish industry companies Fastems, Glaston Corporation and Valmet.

    Developing business through virtual reality

    The goal of the XR Challenge contest is to show industrial companies how virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) can be used to develop business. “XR combines the different areas of extended reality. We want to open the eyes of Finnish companies to see that now is the best time to utilize virtual reality. VR is no longer just hype, but a real and genuinely worthwhile means of improving productivity and product development, serving end customers better or developing entirely new business,” says Leonidas Oy sales manager Harri Lammi.

    XR Challenge offers businesses an opportunity to showcase their skills and a potential path to employment for students

    Heini Wallander, business advisor responsible for renewing industry at Business Tampere, encourages businesses to boldly take part in XR Challenge. “The contest offers businesses in the field a great opportunity to showcase their skills. Companies who get picked for the final get to develop their product idea all the way to the demo stage, and they will be supported by the industrial companies acting as clients. This experience will definitely be useful in other product development projects as well,” says Wallander. Through XR Challenge, the clients are looking for product solutions suitable for global markets, so participation offers an opportunity for international exposure. Wallander also encourages students to take part in XR Challenge, as the contest could open a path to employment. The best student concept shall also be awarded a prize of 1,000 Euros.

    The development and growth of businesses in the Tampere urban area is Business Tampere’s most important focus area. “Our goal is to have the world’s most innovative industrial companies in this area. With XR Challenge, we also want to profile ourselves as an attractive site for businesses in the XR industry,” Wallander says. According to her, Tampere region is still a center of manufacturing industry where it is possible to creatively combine industrial know-how and digital solutions. The strong expertise in mobile technology of the cluster left behind by Nokia Microsoft supports this overall plan.

    The challenge contest is organized by Business Tampere, Virtual Reality Finland ry, Leonidas Oy, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and the aforementioned Tampere-based industrial companies.

    The final submission date for solution concepts participating in XR Challenge is May 15, 2018. Additional information and instructions for submitting applications can be found on the event page at:

    Companies who advance to the next stage will be announced on May 31, 2018. The final event will be held in Mediapolis, Tampere Finland on September 18-19, 2018. A prize sum of 40,000 Euros shall be awarded at the final event in September 2018.


    Business Advisor Heini Wallander, Business Tampere
    Tel. +358 40 735 5177

    Sales manager Harri Lammi, Leonidas Oy
    Tel. +358 40 562 0713

    Virtual Reality Finland:
    Contact person Harri Lammi
    Tel. +358 40 562 0713


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