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    Startups pulling together in Tampere

    If you attended TWINKLE 2015, you will probably remember the star-themed video intro as part of the introduction of every keynote speaker. A pretty strong attention-getter, huh?

    The man behind the intro is Juuso Kaari, the co-founder and CEO of Vau Company Oy – a startup building visual automation tools.

    Juuso is a man, who grabs an opportunity. After having heard about Twinkle from a friend, he made an appointment with a representative of Tredea less than a month before Twinkle. His idea for a collaboration project was put into action right away.

    “There will never be a better moment than now”, he smiles.

    Juuso sees their Twinkle project as a reference for the future. Vau Company also attended Twinkle, mainly to look for new contacts.

    What is life like as a startup in Tampere? Juuso finds the startup scene of the city very tight-knit. Everybody supports each another and cheers each other’s success.

    “Unlike many other cities, the sense of belonging together is typical for startups here in Tampere. Even though we’re competitors, we pull together.”

    Other remarkable pluses come from outside business. Juuso gives a lot of weight to a comfortable lifestyle and affordable living costs. He describes Tampere as a perfect-sized city.

    “Our service is not location dependent, so we could basically work from anywhere – as long as there’s an Internet connection.“

    In conclusion, Juuso drops a couple of valuable tips for his co-Twinklers, who are still in search of their lodestar.

    ”Go for those small ideas that large companies don’t even bother with, and do your thing well enough. Good ideas are worth nothing, if you just keep sitting on them and waiting for the perfect time.”

    Juuso Kaari enjoying the atmosphere and the possibilities of Twinkle at Tampere Hall.
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