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Spice up your Slush with some Tampere flavor

Business Tampere, Tampere Slush Party 2018

Slush – two days of startup glitter and hype in the darkest December. An alternative reality where the future is now, and everything is possible. But how to get the most out of this sprawling event, meet the right people and network?

All Slush-goers have their own expectations and goals for the event, be it funding, customers, networking or just soaking in the atmosphere. If you are looking for a serious match as an entrepreneur or as an investor, it might be a good idea to stray off from the crowded main venue and look for an interesting side event.

Business Tampere, Tampere Slush Party 2018

Tampere Slush Party by Business Tampere

Tampere Slush Party is a Slush side event dedicated to the hottest success stories and best startups to emerge from Tampere, the industrial heartbeat of Finland. Organized by Business Tampere, the party facilitates real opportunities for up and coming startups to discuss with potential investors along with some generally interesting talks.

Where and what?

Taking place in Maxine, one of the hottest nightclubs in Helsinki, the evening will be filled with speakers worth hearing and food worth eating. There will be Ilkka Kaikuvuo, a startup enthusiast best known for reinventing the phone booth with Framery and collecting data the new way with Surveypal – as well as investing in up and coming startups. Another star speaker is Chris Vargas, a Silicon Valley startup guru with a golden touch and some eight startups, more successful capital raises than the most of us have had hot meals and a vast knowledge about tech startups.

But the real meat around the bones is always the investors and entrepreneurs. Tampere Slush Party is a unique opportunity to meet all the hot startups from Tampere area in one place – or the other way around, to meet the investors interested in your startup. And the Tampere Pitching Competition winners will make an appearance as well.

Be there or be hungry

Because the food for thought is not quite enough, Tampere Slush Party also has enough sustenance to keep a hungry Slush visitor going. Not to mention the drinks. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, come to Maxine next to Narinkkatori on Dec 4th between 7 and 10 PM – as long as you have signed yourself up here.

No Slush without Tampere

Tampere is also well-represented in the Slush main event. The Tampere Pitching Competition winners The Rudolf, Eeedo and Applicado will make good use of their Slush stands. The speaker intro videos, an essential part of Slush, are made by Tampere-based Vau Company. What’s more, at least the following companies will be present:

Radientum (radientum.fi) – all about antennas

eChargie (echargie.com) – service platform for electric vehicles.

Leonidas (leonidasoy.fi) – extended reality solutions

Vau Company (vau.company) – visual automation company

Bon games (bongames.fi) – mobile game development studio

Treon (treon.fi) – product development sefvices

Trelic (trelic.fi)  – material and reliability analysis and testing

Futuriot (futuriot.com) – smart analytics and software

Kwork Innovations (kwork.me) – AI chatbots

Eligo.Studio (eligo.studio) – augmented reality applications

Hilla Entertainment (hillaentertainment.fi) – entertainment concepts for targeted audiences

So, while visiting Slush, you’ll get more out of it if you keep an eye for these Tampere-based companies and visit the Tampere Slush Party. It’s all about networking, and there will be plenty of chances for that.

Your host for tonight

Tampere Slush Party will be hosted by Trent Pancy, but the organization is 6Aika – Ecosystems of Growth: Enabling the Growth of Companies through Collaboration. 6Aika is put together by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku and Oulu. The funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional council and, for the Tampere part, by Tampere city region economic development company Tredea Oy (Business Tampere) and the city of Tampere.

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