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    What is the Ambassador network?

    Would you like to connect Tampere with your contacts from abroad? Are you interested in meeting internationally oriented people from Tampere Region? Are you living abroad and you would like to stay connected with Tampere? Would you like to help Tampere region become more international, and better known internationally?

    Who is it for?

    • Professionals from Tampere Region who are internationally oriented.
    • People who are keen on professional networking.
    • People who feel love for the Tampere region and want to promote Tampere internationally.
    • People who have a passion to create new ways of doing things.

    Why become an Ambassador?

    • You will be a part of an international and business oriented network that can open new business and career opportunities for you.
    • You will be the first to get the information about the business events and activities in Tampere Region.
    • Network will help you to build your international brand.
    • You will make new friends.

    What it means to be a Tampere Ambassador?

    Your connections and international networks are valuable to us! Being an ambassador means that you will show through your international network your love for Tampere and for the surrounding region. We provide you with first-hand information about Tampere region which helps you to promote, connect and introduce Tampere as the best living, working, studying and business environment in the world. But you won’t be there alone: Tampere Ambassador network is there for you to support, exchange ideas and develop new things. Our goal is to establish a network, which helps internationally and business oriented people to connect together and in the same time enhance the international awareness of Tampere.

    How to become an Ambassador?

    *We are not currently processing applications due to the summer break of the network.*

    What does this mean in practice?

    Choose your own mission according to your personal interests (but don't worry, you are allowed to act on other missions too regardless of which mission you choose).

    • How
      • by sharing pictures and positive experiences about Tampere on social media with #VisitTampere and #BusinessTampere hashtags
      • by following Talen Tampere and Visit Tampere social media channels, and liking, commenting and sharing their posts plus inviting your contacts to follow them too
      • by blogging about your life in Tampere either to your own blog or as a guest blogger on someone else’s blog (preferably foreign)
      • by sharing the brochures and maps (either digital or paper ones)

    • How
      • by sharing your own experiences of the work life in Tampere on social media, blogs and discussions
      • by keeping yourself updated on the Tampere Region business news and job opportunities by following Business Tampere and Talent Tampere channels
      • by engaging discussions (either online or in person) regarding the field of business that interests you and remembering to bring out the working opportunities in Tampere
      • by using Business Tampere and Visit Tampere logos and Tampere pictures in your presentation materials
      • by sharing information on where to find help to deal with all the legal matters when moving to Finland for work, as well as, matters concerning other family members

    • How
      • by getting to know roughly the Invest Tampere web site in order to find information about the business opportunities in Tampere and who to contact in case of questions or possible situation of company relocation
      • by keeping yourself updated on the Tampere Region business news and current events by following Business Tampere channels
      • by engaging discussions (either online or in person) regarding the field of business that interests you and remembering to bring out the business opportunities in Tampere
      • by sharing Tampere business brochures (both paper and digital)
      • by using Tampere Ambassador logo in your presentations, email tail and website
      • by informing Business Tampere’s Invest team about companies who might be interested in establishing a business or a new site in the Tampere Region
      • by informing Business Tampere’s team about potential international business opportunities for local companies
      • by introducing Tampere as a good congress and event destination with handing out marketing material in congresses you attend abroad and by informing the Visit Tampere team about possible interests in organising events or congresses in Tampere (not only business events, but also sports, music and other)

    • How
      • by keeping yourself updated about the fields of study and research that interest you by following the university’s or education organization’s newsletters and websites
      • by engaging academic discussions and remembering to bring out the study and research possibilities in Tampere
      • by keeping yourself updated about the new possibilities the combining of the three universities in Tampere by following the Tampere3 process
      • by joining the alumni activities of your own university or education organization (weather in Tampere or your original home country) to join discussions and share experiences of Tampere
      • by informing your contacts abroad about the great studying and research possibilities in the three universities of Tampere

    • How
      • Let us know your thoughts. How would you promote our city? What would be your own personal mission?
      • We are looking for fruitful cooperation with vloggers and bloggers, and other creators. Let us know of your capabilities.
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